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  • Summer Nights: Chalky Brights!

    This week we're talking about Chalky Brights! Not sure what we mean? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the latest trend in bold and vibrant home décor...

    Chalky Bright Interiors

    Colour is universal, with the beautiful rainbow of shades and hues available to us able to transcend borders, languages, and all else that divides us.

    In fact, colour is one of the only things to remain consistent across countries and cultures, which is why so many of the biggest international brands rely so heavily on colour as a marker of identity around the world.

    From Coca-Cola's cheerful red cans to McDonald's' (in)famous yellow arches, colour plays such a vital role in our daily lives and how we interact with the world around us, often without us even realising. In fact, colour has such an important impact on communication that major brands including Tiffany and Selfridges own the copyright to specific shades in order to prevent them being used by competitors and to build a really strong association between these colours and their businesses in customers' minds!

    Even though bright colours are all around us every day, very few people are willing to take the risk (or make the commitment) to bring bold and vibrant colours home with them.  But why?

    A big trend we've seen emerging recently is for chalky brights - chalky hues of bold colours. Think golden shades of yellow, burning hues of orange, and splashes of tantalising teal, all underwritten with a subtle chalkiness. This chalky twist provides a super-contemporary feel while pulling back on the vibrancy to help stop the colours from crossing that fine-line between stylish and garish.

    Chalky Bright Home Décor - Ochre Raj Table Lamp from Pagazzi Lighting

    All things considered, I think it makes sense that people are wary of bright colours in home décor. As mentioned above, colours can have very specific influences on our mood, with many associating yellow with happiness, for instance. Given this transformative and atmosphere-defining power, it's understandable that people might prefer to stick with safer, neutral tones at home.

    However, well-chosen flashes of colour can really bring a home to life and I think it's a shame that people are so quick to count colour out when planning an interior update. A fondness for colour at home can demonstrate a bold personality and a fearless style sensibility. In fact, a deft eye for playing with colour and print is often the ultimate tool in the top interior designer's toolbox, with an ability to stylishly introduce striking elements of colour acting as an amazing way to stand out from the beige, brown, and cream crowd!

    Always keen to provide options for everyone, whether you're ultra-conventional or uber-wacky, our buying team are always working to create an extensive and varied range of products to suit every style and sensibility.

    So if you're sick of mundane magnolia and ready to embrace a punchy new palette, chalky brights are the perfect transitionary colour palette for Summer into Autumn. Here's some of our favourite chalky bright products to get you inspired.

    Chalky Brights | Raj Table Lamps | Pagazzi Lighting

    What do you think of bright, bold, and colourful interiors? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to share this post on Facebook to get your friends and family inspired for their next project!

  • 5 Ways to do Concrete Interiors

    Pagazzi Lighting - 5 Ways To Do Concrete Interiors

    It's time to talk concrete interiors - the latest finish of favour among style-savvy interior gurus!

    When it comes to interiors, one great rule to remember is that nothing is set in stone. No decisions are completely final and no botched paint job or questionable duvet choice can't be undone, so don't be afraid to take a risk here and there and experiment with your décor.

    Just to be clear, we wouldn't recommend painting your staircase bright pink on a whim. What we're saying is that you could, just as long as you didn't mind painting it back if you didn't like it, and if you thought taking the risk might pay off in a big way! A measured approach is always best, especially if you want to avoid making costly mistakes.

    With that said, however, the 'nothing set in stone' rule sort of goes out the window when we're talking about one of the coolest contemporary finishes which has been slowly creeping into residential interiors over the past year or so.

    So what trend are we talking about? Concrete Interiors.

    Concrete Interiors

    The growing concrete movement is definitely a divisive one, with many interior enthusiasts celebrating it's rugged and industrial attitude, complete with natural imperfections which mean no two slabs are exactly the same. In fact, many interior designers suggest that introducing subtle notes of concrete throughout your home is a great way to embrace the industrial trend, in a softer and more contemporary way.

    Concrete can be especially great if you love all things industrial but live in a new build home. Introducing elements of concrete can bring a sense of authenticity to your industrial look, despite the perfect new build finish. Add a statement tripod, some wrought iron lighting, and a few concrete accents and your new build is ready to hold its own against any industrial loft or factory conversion!

    On the flip side, many find the use of concrete in everyday living spaces to be more than a little bit intimidating, too used to seeing it in its traditional carpark or office block habitat to like the idea of it for residential use.

    It's easy to see where they're coming from, too. A home is meant to a place of comfort; a sanctuary of total relaxation to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, why on earth would you bring such a hard and rough material into your interior haven?

    But if interior history (yes - there is such a thing) teaches us anything, it's that the slow burning trends which take a while for people to get excited about, tend to be the ones that stick around for the long haul.

    So whether you're a total concrete convert, or you're still on the fence, we've put together a list of our top 5 favourite ideas for introducing the concrete trend to your home.

    1. Mix Materials

    One of our favourite thing about concrete is its surprising versatility, sitting stylishly alongside a range of different materials to create a contemporary cocktail of ideas! Whether you want to mix with traditional brass, futuristic chrome, or ever-stylish copper, concrete looks great with just about anything. In fact, loads of brands (Pagazzi included) now offer a range of mixed-material concrete products and accents for those of you eager to embrace the look, but not ready to make a real concrete commitment.

    2. Table Lamps

    Not that we're biased (honest!) but one of the best ways to bring the concrete look into your home is definitely with a few well-placed accent table lamps. Not only do they look great, but their functionality blends seamlessly with the traditional industrial look of concrete, giving the material a sense of authenticity and belonging in even the most contemporary of interiors. Here are some of our favourites to get you inspired:

    Concrete Interiors - Pagazzi Jasper Concrete Table Lamp with Gold Concrete Interiors: Kors Table Lamp Concrete Copper Concrete Interiors - Luca Table Lamp Grey
    Jasper Table Lamp in Gold  Kors Table Lamp in Copper Luca Table Lamp Concrete and Grey

    3. Sinks and Islands

    If you're feeling ready to take a bit more of a plunge into the world of concrete interiors, but still don't want the effect to be too industrial and sterile then opting for a concrete kitchen island or sink might be just the ticket! Uber contemporary, and super durable (just what you need in a kitchen) a concrete sink or countertop sends the right kind of stylish message, but keeping it confined to the kitchen can stop it from feeling too hostile.

    Concrete Interiors - Islands and Sinks

    4. Concrete Flooring

    Definitely more of a commitment, but with all the magic of modern underfloor heating, concrete flooring is becoming the ultimate interior statement amongst industrial aficionados.

    5. Feature Wall

    Last in our concrete roundup - and one for those of you who just can't get enough of this unique residential material - large-scale concrete feature walls are growing in popularity. This interior detail is particularly prevalent amongst those taking cues from the mixing of straight edges and curvature seen in the art deco movement. A concrete feature wall matched with the perfect work of art and a sculptural pendant can truly transport your home to the echelon of style seen in interior magazines. The real question is, do you dare?

    How do you feel about concrete? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, or get social with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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  • Industrial Ideals - Trends for 2017

    Trends for 2017 - Industrial Ideals


    Every year, as we move into Spring, we like to provide an update on the latest and greatest trends set to dominate the interior landscape for the year ahead.

    Behind the scenes, our team of buying experts are always scouring the globe, keeping their fingers on the pulse of interior trends and looking for the best contemporary lighting products.

    But at Pagazzi we want to do more than just provide the best in lighting and mirrors. We want to make sure our customers get the most out of our products by keeping you up to date with the hottest trends, and how to achieve these cutting-edge looks in your home.

    Our last trend in this year's roundup is one of the hottest interior looks-du-jour. 'Industrial Ideals' has real staying power and despite reemerging a few years ago, this rugged interior style only seems to be growing in popularity!

    The converted loft look, inspired by traditional manufacturing and craftsmanship has become the idyllic home for cool city-dwelling professionals, looking for their interiors to reflect their personality.

    This effortlessly cool aesthetic is the new shabby chic. Instead of quaintly cluttered spaces full of mismatched knick-knacks, the industrial look boasts a masculine, minimalist, unfinished vibe which takes careful consideration to get right.

    The focus is on raw, rough-and-ready materials complimented with clean and simple lines. These two details combine to create a zen living space with real personality.

    Colour wise, this look definitely works best with a neutral colour palette. Introducing pops of colour can work if done well, but generally, it's best to let pops of colour come from natural materials such as exposed red brick or aged wood.

    Remember that industrial decor is all about scarcity and restraint. Maximise the impact of key style-meets-function pieces which will each contribute to the overall vibe of the space.

    Get back to basics and celebrate the rugged simplicity of raw materials. Think aged wood, exposed brick and lots of muted, tarnished metals...

    Industrial Moodboard - Trends for 2017

    Here at PAGAZZI, we have a fantastic range of industrial lighting products, perfect for those looking for this must-have industrial vibe.

    From decorative floor lamps, through to industrial style shades: we've got you covered. Here are some of our favourites.

    30-412-c-_1 dar-midi-5-light-ceiling-light-mid0522_1 1327-7bk
    Hereford Tripod Table Lamp Antique Brass Dar Midi 5 Light Bar Pendant Black Searchlight Pipe 7 Light Ceiling Pendant Light Black

    What do you think of this 2017 interior trend? Be sure to check out the other key looks in our trend roundup, 'A Vision of Velvet''Going Green', 'Golden Blush'. and 'Mixologist'!

    Does this cool industrial trend remind you of anyone? Be sure and share this look with them on Facebook to help inspire them!


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