IMG_7718.jpg-minWhether hung alone or in a cluster, pendant lights are a quirky way to elevate your décor. Scroll through to find out why we are obsessed. 1. Get the recipe right in the kitchen with industrial style fittings. Opt for a cluster over the kitchen island or dining table to make a statement. Vary the size (Cortez Collection) or adjust each pendant at a different height to add your own unique touch. kitchen CortezBLOCK1 2. Got a smaller space? We have many shapes & sizes to fit and our pendants are adjustable at the time of installation– here’s looking at you reading nook. ChadBLOCK 3. If Vintage Bulbs are your thing, show them off with an exposed fitting or opt for a bulb pendant holder (create a Beach House vibe with our new rope pendant) YorthPendants