From lamp-lit study time to outdoor fantasy, here are some amazingly bright suggestions for transforming your home life with cordless lighting.

Rechargeable light technology has completely changed how we use and interact with light in our daily lives. That might sound like a big statement, but we have unshakeable proof to support it!

Our first cordless table lamps have now joined our ever-growing family of lights, allowing you even more interior design options.

And what makes rechargeables so revolutionary? For it turns out that releasing stunning designer lamps and shades from the control of extension cords and plug sockets enables you to utilize lighting in ways that have never been possible before.

Here are 4 ideas on how rechargeable table lamps can improve your life at home!

Carve out a romantic dining corner for two

rechargeable table lamp
Munich Rechargeable Table Lamp

A romantic dinner for two is a special occasion that needs to be made even more special with the perfect setting. With the right lighting, you can turn any corner of your home into a romantic dining spot. Rechargeable table lamps are great for this purpose - they are cordless, and portable and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. With these lamps, you can easily create an intimate environment for your dinner date!

The amazing moveable reading nook

The modern reading nook is no longer a static corner in the home, but rather a moveable space that can be taken anywhere. With the help of rechargeable, cordless table lamps, your reading nook can be taken with you on the go as easily as your cup of tea.

portable table lamp
Lustre Silver Rechargeable Table Lamp

Light up bath night 

Probably one of our favourite uses for a cordless table lamp right now is to enjoy an incredibly decadent bath night. Picture bubbles, possibly with a cheeky glass of red, with the soft glow of the light.

Outdoor Fantasy

Now you can create magical al fresco dining and seating spaces as easily as anything: just bring out a rechargeable table lamp along with the drinks tray… Or you add our solar lights to your patio, they are solar-powered which means you’ll get your outdoor space illuminated without seeing a spike in your energy use and bills!

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