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Top Tips For A Cosy Winter Bedroom


With the arrival of the winter feeling weather, we know that there's nothing you want more than to cosy up by the fire in the evening, or get snuggled under the covers to stay warm and cosy on the long nights. It's official: it's cold outside - but that doesn't mean you can't make your home feel warm on the inside!


It's time to reach for the warm winter fabrics and accessories and embrace it! One of our favourite things about winter is coming home after a long day and curling up on the sofa with a good book. Or taking a long soak in the bath with a much-deserved glass of wine. There's a silver lining to those icy starts.


Your bedroom is a sanctuary all year round, but it's especially important to have a little haven to come back to when it's cold and dark outside. With that in mind, we've put our thinking caps on and come up with our top tips for creating a cosy winter bedroom. From styling to atmosphere, our design tips will help you get the most out of your interior design this winter!


This guide features simple, easy tricks to create a little piece of cosy, warming paradise to see you through the tough winter months - as well as making your home inviting to any guests that might want to show up for a hot chocolate and a chat.


When the temperatures drop, nothing beats crawling into a bed piled high with pillows and blankets, and settling in for a great night's sleep or a cheeky duvet day! We won't tell if you don't...


Bedding and Blankets

How many times have you promised yourself some high thread count cotton bed sheets? Well, this year is the year! With loads of high-street retailers now stocking super high thread count sheets, a little dash of luxury has never been more affordable and they really do make all the difference!

Make sure and pile on lots of different throws, pillows and blankets, too! Play with different textures for some extra comfort. A restful night's sleep is so important to our well-being. Anyone who's ever had an unwanted spring in their mattress will agree. A poor sleeping pattern has a knock-on effect on every other part of your life, so it is worth investing in your snoozing-space. When it's chilly outside, an easy way to instantly add some extra comfort and warmth to your bed is with a few extra soft blankets and switching for a memory foam mattress or topper. Although be warned, we guarantee it will make getting up in the morning even more difficult when your bed is extra cosy!


Lighting is Everything

When it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere, lighting really is everything. Make sure your bulbs are the right colour temperature, and style your lighting scheme in your room for warming lighting nooks and soft lighting for the evenings. Go for a warm white for an inviting glow, or even try out some vintage bulbs for an extra snug and rustic feel!

Invest in some great table lamps, so you can turn off the overhead light and achieve the right ambience. Alternatively, look into installing a dimmer switch - just make sure your overhead light is dimmer compatible and ready for halogen dimmable light bulbs.

Fairy lights are another great way to add a sense of cosiness to your bedroom. Drape them across the headboard or over a mirror, the possibilities are endless!

Here are some of our top picks for winter table lamps to get your started - why not take a look at the full range in time for winter :



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Another great way to make a room more inviting is by lighting some candles. The warm flickering light naturally makes us feel a sense of comfort, and adding fragrances candles can be a great way to make your home your own. If your home doesn't have the space for a real fire, then candles are the next best thing!

Invest in a few good quality candles, too, for an added sensory experience and relax in your little slice of sweet-smelling heaven! Autumnal colours are great in any home, and adding a couple of accessories like candles can be the best way to add these colourful touches without breaking the bank. Just make sure to enjoy candles safely and responsibly - never leave them next to curtains and never leave them lit and unattended.


Remove the Distractions

Now we know space can be an issue, but try to remove as many distractions from your bedroom as possible. Move your wash basket to the kitchen; no one wants a reminder of their laundry pile when they're trying to relax! Try not to bring any work into your bedroom if possible. You want to make it a special place which you associate exclusively with relaxation and comfort. There's no paperwork allowed in your sanctuary! Consider the scandinavian style, keep it minimalist and stylish. Clean lines, storage solutions, fake furs and tones of grey work perfectly in winter.




Bring Warming Nature Inside

Natural materials have a really calming quality. Bring some plants into your bedroom and play with natural textures of woods, cotton, and wools. Think about thicker knits and bright colours here to create a stunning contrast with your minimal styling. Contrasting natural textures create an inviting homely feel, and if you can get your hands on some logs, try piling them up in a corner somewhere as a winter feature. There's plenty of ways to bring the outdoors in, without making your home feel as cold as it does outside. Be creative and work out ways to display natural items and accessories.


Play With Darker Colours

Although it might seem a little bit counter-intuitive, dark colours can actually make your home seem more cosy in winter. Add some accents of darker shades to create a sense of warmth and depth. Think shades of greys, deep blues, and burgundies, as well as winter berry colours and traditionally festive design schemes. Introduce these with accessories and fabrics, or if you feel like it, try a deep coloured feature wall for some dramatic design this winter! Create pockets of colour around your home to tie your theme together and add sophistication in every room.

What are your own top tips for creating a cosy winter bedroom? We'd love to know, so share your ideas with us in the comments below, or on social media. We're always looking to see your photos and design inspirations to feature on the blog and on our instagram, so get sharing with #Pagazzi ! Want to see more from us? Why not give us a follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.


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