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Lighting up a basement comes with its own set of challenges, especially if your basement doesn't offer much in the way of natural light. Choosing the best basement lighting also largely depends on your intention for your basement and what you plan on using it for.

If it's a simple storage space in your home, you may not need to fret over your lighting options as much. But if you plan on turning your basement into a usable space, such as guest quarters, a man cave, or a kid's playroom, choosing the right lighting is a little more crucial. 

Check out this guide on five of the best basement lighting options you want to consider for a fully functional space. 

What to Consider and Weighing Up Your Options 

First thing's first, you'll need to consider the purpose of your basement, as we mentioned. Then, you'll need to think about your budget and the style of the basement as a whole. When you choose your lighting, you want to factor these elements into your decision: 

The Type and Style of Lighting 

Not all types of lighting are created equal -- in fact, there are many variations to choose from in order to successfully illuminate what is usually a dark and dank space.

Some of the more practical types of basement lighting options include: 

  • Track lighting 
  • Recessed lighting 
  • Pendant lighting 
  • Flush mount lighting

Aside from the type of lighting you choose, you also want to consider the lighting bulbs. This can make a huge difference to the cast and colour of the light in your basement, as well as your energy consumption. In this case, you always want to opt for LED lighting over the more traditional, incandescent bulbs. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of LED bulbs: 

  • On average, an LED bulb will last approximately 50,000 hours, versus incandescent bulbs which only last about 1,000 hours
  • LED bulbs remain relatively cool, no matter how long you keep it on for, compared to incandescent bulbs which can quickly overheat 
  • An LED bulb tends to remain at a constant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, versus 168 degrees Celsius for incandescent bulbs 
  • LED bulbs use far less energy -- up to 75-80 percent less than incandescent bulbs  

Finally, you also want to think about your personal taste and how this fits in with the type of lighting you choose. This is the fun part of choosing basement lighting. 

Consider the finish and style of the lighting fixture and how this fits in with the theme and decor of the rest of the room. For example, if you're going for a modern, sleek finish, opt for a stainless steel finish or touches of decorative glass.

If you're going for more of a cosy, cottage-style theme for a guest bedroom, you might want to opt for copper, bronze, or an iron finish. If you want a more minimal, simple feel in your basement, recessed lighting might be your best option.  

Simple Basement Lighting Options for Inspiration 

What you want to keep in mind is this general rule-thumb: the lower your lighting is to the ground, the more ambient it is. The higher your lighting source, the more it will brighten your basement. 

With this in mind, it's best to opt for ceiling lighting as your main source of light in a basement, but you can always add additional layers of light, too. Here are some options for inspiration: 

1. Recessed Can Lighting

This type of lighting is ideal for basements with a suspended or finished ceiling. Recessed lighting is also a great option if you're looking for focused or directional lighting in your basement. If you plan on using your basement as a workshop area or a games room, this type of lighting is ideal. 

Recessed lighting offers bright illumination to the space, without casting any dark shadows or glare. If you want to install functional lighting and you're not too fussed about using lighting to add to the decor, then this is a good option.  

2. Ceiling and Wall-Mounted Fixtures

If your basement has a higher ceiling, then you might want to consider an intricate ceiling fixture. However, you will need a finished ceiling for this type of fixture as the ceiling must be able to bear its weight. 

As mentioned earlier, the higher the ceiling fixture is hung, the greater amount of light it will cast. So this is another smart way to illuminate your basement, but also add a touch of style to the space. 

If your ceiling is on the lower side, you can create the same effect with a wall-mounted fixture or two. Just make sure these fixtures sit at a decent height so that they cast a wider range of light. 

3. Layered Lighting 

This is a brilliant way to not only add light to your basement but also plenty of style and ambiance. If you're using your basement as guest quarters, this is probably the best type of lighting you could go for. 

For example, you could install recessed can lighting for illumination, then add another layer of light with a standing floor lamp. The lamp lighting will add a touch of warmth and ambiance to the room. 

4. Pendant Lighting Fixtures 

These types of fixtures typically hang down from the ceiling and hover over a particular area that needs lighting. When it comes to a basement, a pendant light fixture adds not only focused, directional lighting, but also an accent of ambient lighting. So, in essence, it's a two-for-one type of lighting option. 

However, pendant lights mean your basement has to have quite a high, sturdy, and finished ceiling. If you want to maximize the illumination of your basement with a pendant light, opt for clear glass that won't dull the bulb's brightness.  

5. Wall Sconces for Accent Lighting 

Finally, wall scones are a great touch for basements that serve as entertainment rooms or guest bedrooms. This type of lighting offers great accent shades and ambiance. But they also double as task lights when placed in the right place -- i.e. on either side of a bed or a wall-mounted mirror. 

You can also install wall scones with a swing arm, extending the lighting source from the wall for a brighter illumination across the room. 

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