Despite the entryway to a home being one of the busiest places in the home many people don’t make full use of the space. No matter what size your entryway is there are a number of inexpensive additions you can make to this area to make it functional and beautiful. Think of it as another room in your home which may require a few tweaks to make it fit for purpose. What do you with your mail after you’ve picked it up of the entryway floor every day? Leave it on the kitchen worktop or on the coffee table in the living room? Why not consider installing a mail organiser in your entryway? They don’t take up a lot of space and it saves your mail from being dumped in various other rooms of the house.
Placing a mirror in your entryway is a great idea for last minute make-up and hair touch ups before you dash out the house and from a design point of view it reflects light making the space look bigger.
Keeping a stylish umbrella stand by the front door is a great idea as you’ll never have to wonder where you last left your umbrella, you can grab it quickly as you’re leaving the house on a rainy day and it prevents you from transporting a soaking wet umbrella through your home when you return.
Essentials for a functional but beautiful entryway are somewhere to hang your coat and store your most worn shoes. This prevents shoes from being strewn along the hallway and coats from being abandoned on the backs of chairs. Depending on your personal tastes there are many ways to incorporate this into your hallway design. Below are three of our favourites for you to use as inspiration.

Will you be making more of your entryway?