Summer may be a bit late this year but at long last it has arrived and we can finally start spending more time in the Great British outdoors!

When the sun is shining, the opportunity to socialise with friends is upon us and inevitably the highlight of summer at home tends to be barbeques and a good old garden party!  The most successful summer parties will continue after dusk and creating a garden party atmosphere using lighting will make you the host with the most!  The right outdoor lighting is crucial in creating atmosphere, intimacy and mood.  In order to keep the party going, a fun lively setting can only be maintained with the use of proper lighting.

Successful outdoor lighting should start with a wall light, ideally situated next to the door of your home.  This will illuminate the house and provide a clear entryway for bathroom breaks or, more importantly, refreshment top ups.

Outdoor 2 Wall Bracket




If you are lucky enough to have a decking area, walkover lights are a great option.  Not only do they save space but they can create a ‘border’ of lights, ensuring the area is well lit.  Mini posts also work particularly well here, providing low level lighting which doesn’t interfere with the party!


Outdoor Posts


A cheap way to supplement minimal outdoor lighting, without going out and spending a fortune on more fittings, is the use of candles.  When used in abundance and situated appropriately, these age old lights can work wonders and it goes without saying, are the perfect option for the more romantic type of party!

It is worth remembering to use appropriate candle holders and it goes without saying that these are best kept for when the children are tucked up in bed.

If you are looking for something a bit different, there a few alternative options out there which may not work for everyday use, but can look exceptional for a party.  Outdoor fairy string lights, tiki torches and fire pits are currently trending right now and can be surprisingly easy to install.

With our range of outdoor lights you can enhance your garden, keep the mood lively and help prevent your more energetic guests from taking a tumble into your potted plants!