Top Tips for the Perfect Christmas Tree

Top Tips For The Perfect Christmas Tree


Ever wondered how the professionals get their christmas trees looking so spectacular during the festive period? Need some top tips to help you get your tree looking sparkling?


Now that we're well and truly into December, it's more than acceptable to start thinking about getting festive. One of our favourite things in the run up to Christmas is watching all the beautiful christmas trees and decorations being put up across the country, and getting our own decorating done and the presents under the tree.


Everyone has their own style when it comes to the christmas tree, and why not, it's the centre of the room's decoration at christmas! Whether you're a fan of baubles, ornaments, lights or tinsel, there's no set rules, but there are some great tips from the experts at Pagazzi Lighting to give you the best looking tree you can get!

While talking all things Christmas at Pagazzi HQ, the subject of Christmas Trees came up and how deeply personal they are to each family. From the sentimental ornaments which always take pride of place on your tree, to the rustic papermaché or glittery baubles, every tree tells a story close to the hearts of each family.

There's nothing more festive than driving at night with rows of beautiful christmas trees lit up lining either side of the street, and your favourite Christmas song on the radio. Just the thought is enough to get us all excited for the festivities. It can be a struggle to strike the right balance between the super-stylish tree you've always dreamed of and seen on screen, and holding on to that traditional or sentimental touch that makes it special for you.

The interior experts at Pagazzi Lighting have put their heads together and have come up with our top tips for decorating a beautiful Christmas tree. Check out our list, and share your top tips with us on Facebook or in the comments below for a chance to have them featured in an upcoming post! We'd love to see photos of your decorations, so share them with #Pagazzi and we'll pick out our favourites for a special gift from Pagazzi in the new year!


Let Your Tree Settle


Whether you're a fan of a traditional real tree, or you've got a trusty artificial tree that's been keeping your home looking great at christmas for years, it's always a good idea to let the branches settle a little before you start to decorate. Although real trees are great, they have a very short lifespan, so unless you're ready to buy this every year, then going for an artificial tree might be the best option. High-quality artificial trees are generally more durable and can withstand repeated use and packing away into the loft every year while maintaining a beautiful overall look. You can prevent wear and tear on your christmas tree by considering models with advanced features that offer easy set up and storage. Let gravity do its thing, and the branches will open out and settle naturally ready for you to take on the decorating challenge!


Lights Come First


This one might seem obvious, but it's always best to get your lights just how you like them before you start hanging your baubles. The lights really do make the tree, so spend some time playing around with their position first. It's far easier to re-position your lights when there's nothing else getting in the way! Many trees now come pre-lit, giving you the perfect balance around the branches. Don't forget to check the lights before putting them on the tree - there's nothing worse than getting the tree looking perfect and then finding out that you'll need to start again.


Keep It Simple & Consistent


One of the easiest ways to make sure your Christmas tree looks like the ones in the movies is to invest in a few packets of quality multi-pack baubles. These usually come with a range of stylish designs and details, which all sit nicely with one another and within the same colour scheme. Complement these with a range of more basic coloured baubles, and your family staples, and you'll have a beautiful tree that looks cohesive and festive.

Keeping the design simple will help you to create a stunning tree year on year and makes sure that your tree won't ever look too cluttered. It's nice to add personal touches to your tree, but when things are looking tired, it might be worth looking for an alternative place to hang these decorations.


Consider A Colour Scheme


Whether it's traditional red and greens, icy blues and silvers, or anything else that takes your fancy, sticking to a colour scheme is a great way to get a beautiful tree straight out of the interior magazines. Even better if the colour scheme compliments the room your tree is in! Layer complimentary colours together and cluster a range of baubles near each other to create a stylish look. Design Consultant, Brad Schmidt, recommends clustering three baubles of different sizes or texture to add flair and visual appeal around your tree.

If you're wanting to change the design of your tree each year, picking a colour scheme early on will help you to pick out the perfect decorations for the tree that year. Balance the decor so that it's not too busy and not too sparse.


Remember All The Sides


Remember that the best trees are 360-degree affairs, so try to resist the urge to use up all the best decorations on the front. Remember you want the tree to look just as beautiful as you're approaching your front door as it does when your Make sure and vary how deep on branches you place your ornaments, too. Placing some choice baubles a bit further in towards the tree trunk helps create a tree full of depth and surprises.

If you want to add some more festive cheer to your tree, don't forget you can include some edible treats like candy canes, chocolate decorations, gin baubles or more!


Enjoy The Decorating


Above everything else, Christmas is a time to have fun and make cherished memories with your nearest and dearest. Do whatever makes you happy, and then you'll really have the tree of your dreams! Enjoy the process of decorating and share your trees with everyone on social media so that they can see how professional it looks!


What do you think of our tops tips for decorating your Christmas tree? We'd love for you to share your favourite tip with us in the comments or on Facebook, @PagazziLighting.



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  • Emily Brown

    Decorate your tree with love......and really good lights" <3

  • Elizabeth McMenemy
    Elizabeth McMenemy December 2, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    I agree with lights first every time. Easiest way to do the lights is place it in the middle of the floor (as opposed to where you want to position it) & walk round it working from the bottom up. So much easier than trying to put them on when the tree is in it's display position.

  • Karen Mcquade

    Lights first then decorations

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