Pagazzi are excited to introduce a guest post from Maria who writes on behalf of Topps Tiles. Maria has an avid interest in interior design and in this post offers up tips on designing a contemporary kitchen that won’t fail to impress. "The kitchen doesn't get the credit it truly deserves. As a leading social hub for family and friends, as well as the home of many culinary creations, you spend a lot more time in there than you may realise. If you haven't considered it for a makeover, then it's time you should; after all, there's a lot that can be done to it, and with a minimal amount of investment you can get a minimalistic and contemporary look. Nonetheless, feel free to spend more - it'll add plenty onto your home's value if you do it right!   Prioritise mixed functionality The once-popular work triangle is becoming steadily outdated; instead of prioritising the space between the oven, fridge and sink, there's now a greater emphasis on using free space to bolster the entertainment and social aspects of the room. Whether it's bringing in additional seating or simply adding more space to the area, you'll certainly start seeing other design aspects in a different way - and prioritising things you may have overlooked in your kitchen. One of the most important aspects is... …good lighting A well-placed spotlight, bright strip-bulb or simple shade could make all the difference when establishing a modern look in your kitchen, but don't necessarily think it's all about creating a stark look for the area. Ensure you have the option of both bright spotlights for preparation and dimmer fittings for entertaining or dining; wall bracket-style offerings fit into any contemporary design, as do classic orbs.   An island to cook up a storm Sticking an island unit in the middle of the kitchen is a very popular way to create a dynamic and multi-purpose surface that could become a social breakfast bar, a display unit or simply help you with food preparation. Consider it in your next design, as you could really open up a whole load of possibilities. Bright, yet understated, colour injections If you want to have a bit of personality in your kitchen, it's worth using colours - just not too much, as you'll stray from minimalist into retro. Instead, consider getting some ceramic or porcelain tiles from a specialist and dot them between and around the usual standard whites and blacks. Still, avoid patterns - just stick with dependable block colours, notably red, purple and orange. Another hidden way to inject colour is to paint the inside of cupboards in block colours - they're a sure-fire way to impress, but it's not so in-your-face."   Great advice Maria!