First impressions are incredibly important. When people come to your home, the first thing they see is your door and garden. With the proper outdoor lighting, you can make sure that these areas of your home are well-illuminated and inviting.

Whether you're looking for solar lights, flood lights, LED lights or any other type of outdoor lighting, it's important to choose the best ones for your needs in order to create an inviting atmosphere at the entrance of your home. (See our full range of outdoor lights here.)

Solar lights are a great sustainable way to light up your door or garden without having to worry about the rising cost of electricity bills. Floodlights provide a bright and wide illumination while LED lights are energy efficient and long-lasting. Pendant lighting is perfect for creating an elegant ambience while wall lights give a more subtle glow.

Choosing the best lighting based on your needs

To decide which outdoor lights are best suited to your needs, a useful rule of thumb is to use warmer colour temperatures of around 2200k to 2700k on gathering spaces and save cooler temperatures of between 3000k to 4000k for settings where visibility is vital such as stairs. Lighting used for security purposes should be between 4600K to 6500K since it produces a daytime-like light. (Visit our lighting glossary to see the colour temperature chart.)

Safety & security

As we mentioned before, security lighting should be brighter than your decorative lighting for gathering areas. Another thing to consider when deciding what lighting solution will fit you best is the space of the area you are looking to illuminate. The larger the space the more beneficial a brighter light would be.  For added security, choose flood lights with motion sensors to deter any unwanted visitor. Our Faedo floodlights can be tilted upwards and downwards to achieve the ideal lighting angle, with a fitted motion sensor that comes on automatically, illuminating up to 12 meters away.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, planning is key. You need to consider the practicality of your lighting design and the areas of your garden that you would like to illuminate. It's important to think about why you are illuminating certain areas of your garden. Is it for safety? To highlight a pathway? Whichever option you choose, make sure that your outdoor light design is practical and efficient. One of the most overlooked features when choosing outside lights is how they will be powered. If there is no access to power, solar lights are a great alternative.

Our outdoor wall lights are the perfect solution for doorways, steps and seating areas. Traditional outdoor wall lantern lights make an enchanting addition to older properties. They can elevate any patio, deck area and doorways. If you find it hard to see your front or back door keyhole clearly, fit an outside PIR wall light like the Halton wall light with a motion sensor, it’s perfect for when you have your hands full too!


Create an intimate atmosphere for your alfresco dinner parties with an outdoor table lamp like our Linterna large lantern by arranging several around the table or for a more cocooned feeling, assemble a cluster of our Alcora lantern in the table using different candle sizes.

Opting for a statement pendant to illuminate your pergola or patio ceiling, can help elevate the area. This type of ceiling light will showcase the space whilst adding to the overall safety of your home. The Seattle ceiling light is the perfect blend of tradition and modern design. The frosted glass diffuses the light and creates a subtle glow around the garden. For a rustic design, the Station outdoor pendant will bring a countryside feel to your garden thanks to its traditional styling, brown metal with an old-school lantern design that holds a clear glass shade.

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