Are you looking for cozy and warm living room lighting? Follow this guide to learn how to choose the best lighting for your living space.

Are you planning on upgrading your living rooms design? If so, there are elements you can include, such as well-made furniture and a strategic layout to enhance the ambience of your living room.

However, none can set the mood like proper lighting out of all the upgrades you make to your living space. With the living room arguably being the most important room in your home, the need for proper lighting cannot be ignored.

Proper lighting improves the visual interest of your space and makes navigating around the room safe. Besides, the best lighting can create an illusion of space.

Since you now understand how living room lighting is crucial, are you planning to include it on your home upgrade list? If so, you have to ensure the lighting you choose will match your decor and is the right size for your living space.

The lighting should also reflect your personal style and preference. So, do you know how to find the best lighting for your living room? 

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to find the best lighting for your living room.

Measure Your Space

Before purchasing lighting, especially a chandelier, you must ensure it's a good fit for the available space. You, therefore, have to measure the length and the width of your room.

Then you can add the measurements acquired and convert them to inches. By adding the width and the length, it will be easy to determine the right size of lighting fixture you should invest in.

For example, if your living space is 20 feet in length and 15 feet in width, a lighting fixture that is 36 wide would be a good fit. You should also pay attention to the visual weight of the lighting fixture.

If you have a large living space, a light and airy fixture might not be a good option. It would be good to invest in a massive light fixture for visual interest in such a case.

Focus on Architectural and Decorative Fixtures

When finding the right lighting for your living room, you have to create a balance of architectural and decorative lighting. You have to understand that different types of lighting serve different purposes.

If you want to light up your art and sculptures, integral lighting on your ceiling is all you need. Table and floor lights are the most suitable for reading and intimate gatherings.

Before choosing to light, you have to know the kind of lighting you choose can affect the mood, feeling and emotional response. Thus, before selecting one, determine the mood you want to set.

If you want to create an incredible vibe to your living space, you can go for ornate chandeliers or oversized rustic wood lights.

Incorporate a variety of Levels of Lighting

When upgrading your living space, it's good you settle for different lighting levels. It would help if you included lamps, overhead fixtures and even dimmers in your living space.

Having different layers of lighting ensures there are no dark patches in your room. Such kind of lighting also helps create a cozy and relaxing mood.

Pay Attention to the Roles the Room Serves

Living spaces are usually used for multiple functions. They can be a place for relaxation, having dinner, engaging guests, among other functions.

If you use your living space for romantic dinners and as a dining area for your kids, you must choose adoptive lighting.

Dimmer lighting might be a good option for romantic dinner dates. Bright lighting is essential while having dinner with your kids.

The amount of lighting you get mainly depends on the type of bulb you choose.

Play to a Room's Aesthetic

When lighting your living room, you can opt for lighting that complements your room's aesthetic or creates contrast.

In most cases, the overall design determines whether your fixture style should conform to the architecture or contrast it.

Go for Oversized

If you are unsure which lighting suits your space, a large light fixture can be the solution. If your ceiling is high or your living space is large, using small fixtures makes them appear as an afterthought.

While selecting lighting fixtures, don't be afraid to go big. However, even when selecting large lighting fixtures, you still have to pay attention to balance. An extremely larger chandelier might make your living room appear small.

Put a Lamp Where It's Not Expected

When lighting your living space, at times, getting a little creative pays off. You can put a lamp in places where not expected.

You can have the lamp placed at the end of a coffee table or next to a mantle. Placing a lamp in areas where never expected makes your living space appear unique.

Besides, the lamp can be a centre of attraction, preventing people from paying attention to other living room areas.

Go for Ornate Scones if You Need Traditional Lighting

It's not a must for your walls to blend with your modern interior décor. You can opt for traditional lighting to make your living space appear unique and attractive.

Scones are a good option for traditional lighting because they perfectly fit most colour themes.

But if you find it quite hard to pick the best lighting options for your living space, you can consider consulting experts. They will advise you on which lighting will match your homes architecture and lighting needs.

Find the Best Lighting for Your Living Room Today

Your living room is probably the essential room in your home. Hence you have to find the best lighting to brighten your space and improve the aesthetic appeal.

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