Industrial Ideals - Trends for 2017

Trends for 2017 - Industrial Ideals

Every year we like to provide an update on the latest and greatest trends set to dominate the interior landscape for the year ahead. Behind the scenes, our team of buying experts are always scouring the globe, keeping their fingers on the pulse of interior trends and looking for the best contemporary lighting products.

But at Pagazzi we want to do more than just provide the best in lighting and mirrors. We want to make sure our customers get the most out of our products by keeping you up to date with the hottest trends, and how to achieve these cutting-edge looks in your home. Our last trend in this year's roundup is one of the hottest interior looks-du-jour. 'Industrial Ideals' has real staying power and despite reemerging a few years ago, this rugged interior style only seems to be growing in popularity!

The converted loft look, inspired by traditional manufacturing and craftsmanship has become the idyllic home for cool city-dwelling professionals, looking for their interiors to reflect their personality. This effortlessly cool aesthetic is the new shabby chic. Instead of quaintly cluttered spaces full of mismatched knick-knacks, the industrial look boasts a masculine, minimalist, unfinished vibe which takes careful consideration to get right.

The focus is on raw, rough-and-ready materials complimented with clean and simple lines. These two details combine to create a zen living space with real personality. Colour wise, this look definitely works best with a neutral colour palette. Introducing pops of colour can work if done well, but generally, it's best to let pops of colour come from natural materials such as exposed red brick or aged wood.

Remember that industrial decor is all about scarcity and restraint. Maximise the impact of key style-meets-function pieces which will each contribute to the overall vibe of the space. Get back to basics and celebrate the rugged simplicity of raw materials. Think aged wood, exposed brick and lots of muted, tarnished metals...


Industrial Moodboard - Trends for 2017



Here at PAGAZZI, we have a fantastic range of industrial lighting products, perfect for those looking for this must-have industrial vibe.

From decorative floor lamps, through to industrial style shades: we've got you covered. Here are some of our favourites.


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Hereford Tripod Table Lamp Antique Brass Dar Midi 5 Light Bar Pendant Black Searchlight Pipe 7 Light Ceiling Pendant Light Black


What do you think of this 2017 interior trend? Be sure to check out the other key looks in our trend roundup, 'A Vision of Velvet''Going Green', 'Golden Blush'. and 'Mixologist'!

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