Lighting is often overlooked as part of the home décor, but pay special attention to how you illuminate your rooms as it can have a massive impact on the overall ambience of your home. As we get into the depths of winter and the darkness has settled in, it’s time we revise our home lighting. Here are some of the hot trends to keep an eye on during 2024.

Ambient Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen serves as a diligent workspace for food preparation, yet its significance extends beyond mere functionality to become a focal point in the social dynamics of a home, functioning as a natural hub for the household.

Current trends in kitchen design are emphasizing the integration of spacious islands featuring comfortable seating and tables, fostering an environment for the entire family to gather, dine, and interact without the distraction of screens. Consequently, lighting has evolved beyond mere practical task illumination to incorporate layered elements, providing ambient light conducive to dining and socializing.

Kitchen island pendant lights have been on trend for a few years now since they make your kitchen look more professional and put together. However, interior designers are now starting to add wall lights to add ambient lighting around the kitchen.

Statement Floor Lamps

Lamps serve not only as vital contributors to ambient room lighting but also as excellent vehicles for expressing personal style. The trend of sculptural lamp bases stands out prominently, especially those inspired by nature, introducing shapes, softness, and fluidity to interior spaces.

Embracing textured lamp bases is another prevalent choice, with options like adorned ceramics or rippled surfaces that catch and reflect light, imbuing the space with depth and a rich spectrum of colour. For those aiming to elevate the lamp to a focal point in the room, opting for an oversized base adorned with a bold, eye-catching pattern can truly make a statement.

Chrome and Silver

It looks like chrome and silver are set to make a comeback in various areas of interior design and lighting is no exception. Anticipated to gain prominence in 2024, these contemporary finishes are set to overshadow competitors such as brass, matte black, and gold, which have held sway in the industry for the past few years.

While matte finishes have enjoyed their time in the spotlight in recent years, we can already see a resurgence of high-polish fixtures making their way into lighting. Don’t be afraid of a little glam in 2024!

Portable Lamps

The recent essential in the realm of lighting is the portable table lamp. While once considered a form of emergency lighting, today it embodies the elegance of a smart and highly adaptable system, designed to illuminate sophisticated and trendy contemporary spaces.

With its primary feature, the portable lamp effortlessly adjusts to various circumstances and environments, imparting personality and character to any space while delivering excellent lighting.