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  • Nautical Bedrooms for Boys

    Kids grow up so quickly and as they grow their tastes change. Your son may be delighted with an In the Night Garden themed room when he’s a toddler but as soon as he feels he’s becoming a ‘big boy’ he’ll be unhappy with his ‘baby’ room.

    Of course you can redecorate every time he out grows his bedroom but this is expensive and time consuming. Alternatively you could pick a theme for your son’s room which he can grow with and love for years. A great option is a nautical theme as boys of all ages seem to love ships, sharks and pirates! The colour palette of reds, whites and blues are also generally well liked by boys.

    We think boys will love this shark bedding, pirate map mural and boat bed, all from Pottery Barn.

    Chark Bedding from Pottery Barn

    Pirate Mural from Pottery Barn

    Boat Bed from Pottery Barn

    Shrimps and Tiddlers specialise in nautical interior accessories and they have a fab collection for kids. Three of our favourite items are the nautical coat pegs, the pirate cushion and the decorative yachts.

    Coat Peg Rack from Shrimps and Tiddlers

    Pirate Cushion from Shrimps and Tiddlers

    Decorative Yachts from Shrimps and Tiddlers

    If you really want to get into the nautical spirit then this boat bookcase from Pebbles to Sand is an absolute must!


    Bookcase from Pebbles to Sand

    Boisterous boys will love having this Shark Alert sign from Cottage Coastal Store on their bedroom wall or door.

    Shark Sign from Cottage Coastal Store

    For little book worms these boat book ends from Deborah Sparks are ideal for displaying his most beloved stories.

    Book Ends from Deborah Sparks

    What are your thoughts on nautical bedrooms for boys? Can you think of any other children’s bedroom themes which would see them from tots to pre-teens?




  • Spotlight on Clocks

    Having an unusual and beautiful clock on display is an easy and simple way to add personality to any room.

    For a grand, antique look head over to Swedish Interior Design and take a look at their beautiful Mora clocks. Each clock is unique and was handmade in Sweden during the 1800’s.

    Antique Mora Clock from Swedish Interior Design


    For a modern take on the traditional cuckoo clock we love this Meridiana design which is available from My Marca. Don’t worry, the cuckoo is operated by a motion sensor controlled light and won’t come out of its house and wake you up during the night! It’s available in 13 different colours but we think the pink is our favourite.

    Modern Cuckoo Clock from My Marca


    This elegant clock from Jazz It Up Interiors has a sophisticated, 1920’s art deco feel to it. It’s also available is silver.

    Wall Clock from Jazz It Up Interiors


    The next two clocks are perfect for kid’s rooms. The first is a “Stick and Play” clock from infamous Dutch designers Karlsson. We think this cool space design would please younger and older kids. This clock is available from Dot Maison.

    Kids Space Clock by Karlsson


    The second is the Tic clock from Diamantini and Domeniconi. This clock features a magnetic circle on which kids use wooden shapes to create a picture. This is a great clock for little people with big imaginations!

    Tic clock from Diamantini and Domeniconi


    Diamantini and Domeniconi also create fun and functional clocks for adults. Our favourites are the Tablio and Tablia which come with blackboard faces and chalk for writing messages. This video shows just how fun and versatile they are.


    Modern or antique, fun or functional, there's a clock out that will help enhance the design of your home.

  • Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

    Today’s kitchen gadgets range from the absurd to the ingenious but there can be no doubt that there are gadgets which have made our lives easier, and the food we cook in our kitchens more delicious!

    We’ve asked everyone at PAGAZZI HQ to recommend a must have kitchen gadget which they couldn’t live without either for its practicality or pleasing aesthetics. The five gadgets listed below were mentioned again and again.

    An classic, must have kitchen gadget for any domestic goddess (or god) is the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. Originally produced over 75 years ago, these mixers have stood the test of time due to their appealing retro style and the high quality craftsmanship which goes into producing every one.

    The Artisan Stand Mixer is available in a multitude of colours of but our favourite is the icy blue.

    Mixer from KitchenAid


    We think these adorable bucket and spade ice cream containers are a fun and novel way to serve ice cream to kids. This is a product which transports us back to summers spent on Britain’s beaches eating ice cream and making sand castles.

    Ice Cream Containers from I Want One Of Those


    We all know that we should be eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day; however preparing fruit can be tedious and messy. That’s why we love gadgets like this pineapple slicer and wedger from Lakeland.  It comes with three adaptors to accommodate small, medium and large pineapples and allows you to create chunks, slices or rings in seconds. Lakeland also suggests using the left over pineapple shell as an exotic cocktail bowl!

    Pineapple Corer and Wedger from Lakeland


    These cute yet practical Russian doll measuring cups would be a novel addition to any kitchen. The three measuring cups can be stored one inside the other saving space and looking lovely at the same time.

    Measuring Cups from Find Me A Gift


    Fans of Moroccan food will love this tagine from Lakeland. Tagine’s are used to create melt-in-the-mouth casseroles by slow cooking the food and allowing the steam to cool and re-condense into the food. This tagine not only cooks food beautifully, it also allows you to stylishly present your cooked tagine at the dinner table.

    Tagine from Lakeland


    Has anyone tried any of these gadgets? Can you recommend any for us to add to our “must have” list?



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