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  • Ultraviolet - Colour Of The Year 2018



    Every year, we take a look at the hottest tips from the design and interior world, from the colour schemes that will be highlighted in our homes this year, to the themes and detailing that we'll be trying to replicate in our styling choices!


    Pantone, the world-renowned authority on all things colour related - and their team of design research experts in the dedicated colour institute hand-pick a colour to watch each year, and this year's selection is as striking as it is versatile. Sharing their top tips with professionals from the fashion, interior design, graphic arts and film industries, the colour of the year pick is a resource that many refer to when conceptualising new designs and creative products.


    In 2018, the dramatically provocative purple shade of Ultraviolet communicates a sense of originality and vibrancy.  Pantone Shade 18-3838, or Ultra Violet as it is more softly named is an incredibly exciting colour choice for the year - the furthest away from muted neutrals and earthy tones that have been synonymous with simple interior decoration over the last decade. With connotations of complexity, inventiveness and the mysteries of the universe, the colour of the year for 2018 is definitely set to inspire some very unique design projects. When it comes to styling with Ultraviolet in your home, we've taken a look at some of the early uses of the colour to give you some inspiration as well as some extra advice on lighting with this colour from the product experts at Pagazzi Lighting...


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  • Style Guide - Smokey Neutrals



    We love to keep an eye on the latest trends in lighting and interior design. From top colour schemes to watch out for, to the newest lighting products and homeware items. With so many great styling options, we thought we'd give our top tips on a few of our favourite trends for this year - Smokey Neutrals


    No smoke without fire? Not in this case! This trend is all about combining subtle tones of grey and refined class. Neutrals are so often overlooked when people undertake interior redesign projects, often considered boring or safe. With just a touch of smokiness and a few well-placed accent colours, a neutral colour scheme can be a design of sophistication and contemporary glamour. On your next design project, ignore the light creams, whites and beige for smokier tones of grey, brown and stone. Accent with plush suites upholstered in velvets or herringbone patterns. Spice things up even further with your furniture - think rich, deep tones of purple or blue to bring this trend to life.


    Smoky Neutrals is one of our top trends for this year, and is the perfect way to add a sense of sophistication and style to your home. Tipped to be one of the key trends this year by interior experts, this trend gives you the freedom to accessorise and spruce up your interiors as often as you like without having to reach for the paint brush every time, because classic neutrals are the base. An absolute must for those of you who like an interior redesign to go the distance and last at least a few seasons!


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  • Traditional & Antique Lighting Trend


    Trend Alert - Traditional & Antique Lighting


    Want to give your home some a sense of timeless elegance and warmth? Why not take a look at one of the best starting points for interior design, and style your home with some traditional lighting items and antique touches. The interior design experts at Pagazzi Lighting HQ have been looking at some of the highlights of this trend, and have given us their top tips for styling around the home.


    Traditional styling is comforting and classic. Many of the homes we grew up in were styled traditionally, before the rise of interior design trends and more fashionable and seasonal accessories. The combination of matching furnishings to create a calm and orderly interior design has long been a staple of the industry. Keep reading below to see our top tips for this key design trend!


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