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  • Grey-Scale | Interior Trends | 2017



    Whether it's fifty shades or going gracefully, there's something about the colour grey, and take it from us, grey doesn't have to mean boring...

    We love to keep up to date with the latest interior design trends, from the luxurious to the everyday. With a more minimalist - monotone look coming into fashion across the interior industry, and shades of grey making a statement in soft furnishings and accessories, this is definitely a trend to watch in the coming months. With the darker nights drawing in, getting in on the latest interior design trend before it's too late could be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing before the year is out! Our lighting experts at Pagazzi have been busy checking out some of the latest products, and getting new ranges ready to launch online and in-store as we move into a new season. If you're needing a little inspirational push towards a room colour scheme or theme then this is the place to start! Contemporary design colour palettes aim to find the balance between boldness and delicacy, moody and soft. Grey colour schemes are no exception to this rule, with a harmony between deep, smokey shades and light, earthy tones. Using different grey elements in your rooms can add a touch of sophistication, and playing with contrast can work really well. There's two main ways to utilise the styling themes of grey-scale, either ultra modern and sleek, or antique and full of mystery. Inject a sense of character with rustic items, distressed finishes or metallic detailing.

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  • Best Selling Lighting Products | Spring 2017

    Best Sellers for Spring 2017


    No matter what your design idea, we've got a lighting product to fit your theme or budget. We're incredibly proud of our wide range of products from floor lamps to bulbs and artwork, as well as everything in between to make your house your home. Whatever it is that you're looking for to put the finishing touches on your room's lighting scheme, the team at Pagazzi have you covered. 



    We've put together a list of our best selling lighting products from our top categories on the website to help you pick a product if you're not sure where to start. From industrial details to bold colour, sophisticated minimalism to glamorous sparkle & elegance, we've got products for the hottest trends in interior design this year. As we move towards Autumn, and the time of year where the nights get longer and darker, now is the perfect time to stock up or refresh your lighting design.

    Our top product picks feature some of our best selling designs from the start of the year, including some that are now available at a great, discounted price. Why not check out our complete catalogue? Shop the Pagazzi Lighting range now!

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  • Spotlight On: Easy Fit Pendants

    Spotlight On: Easy Fit Pendants


    In the past, designs of ceiling shades were simple. Taking the standard drum or spherical shape that were simple to use and fit over our existing light fittings. With the arrival of more pendant light styles, designs became sophisticated and intricate, making them a little harder to add to a room design that you're trying to complete yourself. However over the last few years we have seen a growing trend in the market with different designs of non-electric and easy-fit pendant shades becoming available. With the demand for easy fit pendant shades growing, it has become easier to give the illusion of high end glamour without the need for an electrician.

    Here at Pagazzi, we know any update to your home interiors can incur a cost. That’s why we offer a wide range of non-electric & easy fit pendants that will suit most home decors without breaking the bank. Whether you have a theme for each room in your home or you're looking for a statement piece, we have it covered. Take a look at our top design tips below for some inspiration and let us know what you think in the comments!


    Themed Easy Fit Pendants

    With a huge surge in the different lighting product ranges available, and some of the options, like the exclusive to Pagazzi, Zane Pendant Shade, making a statement, innovative designs have been proving really popular in our stores and online. We've been seeing plenty of interior design photos coming in from bloggers and industry experts to showcase how using themes can work in different spaces.

    A trend heading for success in the coming months is all about combining geometric items and accessories with retro patterned wallpapers and materials . Our Orson & Bale easy fit pendants are some of our best sellers in the geometric range that we will continue to build upon through autumn and into the new year. Unique geometric design is perfect for adding drama to your living spaces and elegant metal and glass finishes give a sense of high end quality, but without needing huge budgets.





    One trend that we've been loving this year is the industrial ideals trend. This trend focuses on design and craftsmanship, with bold details that highlight the crafting process. If you're looking for a pendant shade that’s a little more unique than most items in this style, then look no further than our Vintage Pendant Light Shade - currently available in five different finishes, and adding a sleek finish to any room. Pendant shades like this fit the industrial theme perfectly, with wide openings and retro styling while still allowing the light from the bulb to shine through beautifully.

    These industrial and modest easy fit pendants are great for creating a warm ambience and by pairing these shades with a vintage light bulb, you'll create an authentic industrial mood.




    For a fresh take on contemporary colour combinations from a range of greys both deep and smokey to light and heathery - pair in perfect harmony with soft pinks and peaches, and create beautiful contrast between hard and soft, masculine and feminine. This sophisticated colour palette can be accented with flashes of soft metallics. Introduce softer hues of gold, rather than going for more traditional elements and play with aged and tarnished finishes to inject a sense of character.

    If you are looking to add a touch of glamour without the hefty price tag then check out our range of easy fit pendants like the Lyndsay, Riley or Scribble. These three designs come in a selection of different sizes to fit your needs and offer subtle chrome, copper or brass finishes.


    Soft Metals


    As well as our seasonal ranges, we also have a wide range of traditional easy fit pendant shades with a modern twist. These shades keep the form of a regular dome or cylinder, with exciting patterns and adaptability for your room design. Why not take a look at the range of other easy fit pendant shades available?

    A simple design doesn't mean you're not going to end up with a lovely finished room. A splash of colour or a complimentary pattern can do wonders for your interior! With options like our Ashley, Bud or Candy Pendant shades, you'll be spoiled for choice - all for a great price.

    If you're in the process of designing a new interior, why not share your photos or favourite products with us by leaving us a comment or joining the community on social media. Share your design inspirations, themes and finished rooms with #Pagazzi and we'll feature our favourites on our channels in the coming weeks.



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