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  • Guest Post: Designing a Contemporary Kitchen

    Pagazzi are excited to introduce a guest post from Maria who writes on behalf of Topps Tiles. Maria has an avid interest in interior design and in this post offers up tips on designing a contemporary kitchen that won’t fail to impress.

    "The kitchen doesn't get the credit it truly deserves. As a leading social hub for family and friends, as well as the home of many culinary creations, you spend a lot more time in there than you may realise. If you haven't considered it for a makeover, then it's time you should; after all, there's a lot that can be done to it, and with a minimal amount of investment you can get a minimalistic and contemporary look. Nonetheless, feel free to spend more - it'll add plenty onto your home's value if you do it right!

    Prioritise mixed functionality

    The once-popular work triangle is becoming steadily outdated; instead of prioritising the space between the oven, fridge and sink, there's now a greater emphasis on using free space to bolster the entertainment and social aspects of the room. Whether it's bringing in additional seating or simply adding more space to the area, you'll certainly start seeing other design aspects in a different way - and prioritising things you may have overlooked in your kitchen. One of the most important aspects is...

    …good lighting

    A well-placed spotlight, bright strip-bulb or simple shade could make all the difference when establishing a modern look in your kitchen, but don't necessarily think it's all about creating a stark look for the area. Ensure you have the option of both bright spotlights for preparation and dimmer fittings for entertaining or dining; wall bracket-style offerings fit into any contemporary design, as do classic orbs.

    An island to cook up a storm

    Sticking an island unit in the middle of the kitchen is a very popular way to create a dynamic and multi-purpose surface that could become a social breakfast bar, a display unit or simply help you with food preparation. Consider it in your next design, as you could really open up a whole load of possibilities.

    Bright, yet understated, colour injections

    If you want to have a bit of personality in your kitchen, it's worth using colours - just not too much, as you'll stray from minimalist into retro. Instead, consider getting some ceramic or porcelain tiles from a specialist and dot them between and around the usual standard whites and blacks. Still, avoid patterns - just stick with dependable block colours, notably red, purple and orange. Another hidden way to inject colour is to paint the inside of cupboards in block colours - they're a sure-fire way to impress, but it's not so in-your-face."

    Great advice Maria!

  • Spotlight on iPhone Docks

    There was a time when a mobile phone was a mobile phone but over the past few years they have developed into something much more than that. iPhones in particular have become iconic and today millions of people are accessing emails, browsing the internet and listening to music through iPhones on a daily basis.

    Using an iPhone in a dock is a great way to play music in your home but many docks can be unsightly. We decided to investigate if there are any docks out there which will allow you to play music from your iPhone without compromising the ascetics of your home. Here’s what we found…

    Below is the Megaphone from Italian design company En&is. The Megaphone acts as a ceramic amplifier for your iPhone or iPod and is a true example of functionality meets incredible design.

    Megaphone by En&is

    This audio end table, available from West Elm, is perfect if you are looking for a dock which doesn’t look like a dock. This table charges your iPhone or iPod while playing your music and would blend seamlessly into a modern bedroom or living room.

    Audio End Table from West Elm.

    This cute little guy from Overstock comes in pink or white and is perfect for kid’s bedrooms.

    iPig from Overstock

    This eco-friendly dock from EPL Monkey is made from natural wood which is polished and buffed with beeswax. It doesn’t require any electricity as it simply works by amplifying the sound. EPI Monkey custom makes these docks and can line the inside with metal in a multitude of colours to suit your tastes.

    Bamboo Dock from EPL Monkey

    The Eton Soulra XL dock is powered by a solar panel making it perfect for summer parties in the garden.  Available from Crutchfield.

    Solar Powered Dock available from Crutchfield

    The iLuv, available from Crutchfield, is not only a sleek, stylish dock and speaker for your iPhone; it also turns it into an alarm clock, perfect for bedside tables!

    iLuv Dock available from Crutchfield
  • Nautical Bedrooms for Boys

    Kids grow up so quickly and as they grow their tastes change. Your son may be delighted with an In the Night Garden themed room when he’s a toddler but as soon as he feels he’s becoming a ‘big boy’ he’ll be unhappy with his ‘baby’ room.

    Of course you can redecorate every time he out grows his bedroom but this is expensive and time consuming. Alternatively you could pick a theme for your son’s room which he can grow with and love for years. A great option is a nautical theme as boys of all ages seem to love ships, sharks and pirates! The colour palette of reds, whites and blues are also generally well liked by boys.

    We think boys will love this shark bedding, pirate map mural and boat bed, all from Pottery Barn.

    Chark Bedding from Pottery Barn

    Pirate Mural from Pottery Barn

    Boat Bed from Pottery Barn

    Shrimps and Tiddlers specialise in nautical interior accessories and they have a fab collection for kids. Three of our favourite items are the nautical coat pegs, the pirate cushion and the decorative yachts.

    Coat Peg Rack from Shrimps and Tiddlers

    Pirate Cushion from Shrimps and Tiddlers

    Decorative Yachts from Shrimps and Tiddlers

    If you really want to get into the nautical spirit then this boat bookcase from Pebbles to Sand is an absolute must!


    Bookcase from Pebbles to Sand

    Boisterous boys will love having this Shark Alert sign from Cottage Coastal Store on their bedroom wall or door.

    Shark Sign from Cottage Coastal Store

    For little book worms these boat book ends from Deborah Sparks are ideal for displaying his most beloved stories.

    Book Ends from Deborah Sparks

    What are your thoughts on nautical bedrooms for boys? Can you think of any other children’s bedroom themes which would see them from tots to pre-teens?





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