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Top Tips for a Relaxing Living Room - Scandinavian Style


Scandinavian interiors may not be anything new or cutting edge, however this style of décor is just as popular as ever, and the minimalist look which is favoured by many in the interior design industry is not set to go away any time soon.  While many are quick to credit a certain swedish furniture retailer for the trend, here at Pagazzi Lighting, we think that it is the simplistic appeal and elegant functionality that has made Scandinavian interiors so attractive.


Creating a Scandinavian interior is not about following a strict set of rules in the hope of achieving a specific look.  There is no blueprint for a Scandinavian interior – the term encompasses a wide range of influences and is interpreted in many different ways.  In saying that, there are definitely some key principles in Scandinavian interiors which help pull the look together. When it comes to creating a relaxing space in your home, whether that be the bedroom or your living room, making use of these key principles can really help!


The Scandinavian look is centred on clean lines, simple shapes and natural materials such as wood and metal.  Wood flooring is a must and is almost always light or bleached.  As well as adding texture, the hard wearing material provides a functional foundation on which the Scandinavian look can be built on.  Light is also a major factor in Scandinavian design.  Scandinavian interiors have been designed to maximise natural light, a necessity  because of the long winters with short, dark days - Something we're all too familiar with in Scotland!


Part of this design trend involves the use of a lot of white shades, and accessories.  White opens up any space and is perfect for making any room feel bright and airy.  This is not to say that Scandinavian décor uses white exclusively though, light, neutral colours are also popular while bright colours are often incorporated as an accent colour to warm the palette and add interest.


The abundant use of white combined with hard flooring is likely to hint at a look which is stark and bare.  While this may be ideal for cooling off in the summer months, it is unlikely to be appreciated during winter.  For this reason it is important to introduce warmth and embellishment which is usually in the form of texture and carefully selected accessories.  Wool rugs and throws are perfect for taking the chill away from any interior space and will fit in well with the other natural materials in your design.  Accessories should be kept to a minimum with greys and blacks working particularly well against the light toned backdrop. However, wood and metal also look great as a striking contrast here. Bring nature back inside with the use of house plants to add both colour and interest to the room but like everything else, should be carefully chosen and kept to a minimum.


If you are willing to go all out with your Scandinavian décor, you might want to try a very Scandinavian log fire.  Most Swedish homes have an original fire in the living room as a focal point for the room, and somewhere cosy to crowd round in the winter months.  These fireplaces can take the form of a traditional mantle but are most commonly simple columns in the corner of the room. Making use of a traditional log burner can be a great character piece for your home.


A Scandinavian interior can take many different forms and for this reason, many people choose to work with this style in more than one room of the home.  In fact, this is one of few interior styles which can be adopted in any room.  While we love the Scandinavian Interior look at Pagazzi Lighting, a quick poll around our office revealed that most of us would choose to try this style in our living rooms first, so what are you waiting for? Get designing!



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