Summer Nights: Chalky Brights!

This week we're talking about Chalky Brights! Not sure what we mean? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the latest trend in bold and vibrant home décor...

Chalky Bright Interiors

Colour is universal, with the beautiful rainbow of shades and hues available to us able to transcend borders, languages, and all else that divides us.

In fact, colour is one of the only things to remain consistent across countries and cultures, which is why so many of the biggest international brands rely so heavily on colour as a marker of identity around the world.

From Coca-Cola's cheerful red cans to McDonald's' (in)famous yellow arches, colour plays such a vital role in our daily lives and how we interact with the world around us, often without us even realising. In fact, colour has such an important impact on communication that major brands including Tiffany and Selfridges own the copyright to specific shades in order to prevent them being used by competitors and to build a really strong association between these colours and their businesses in customers' minds!

Even though bright colours are all around us every day, very few people are willing to take the risk (or make the commitment) to bring bold and vibrant colours home with them.  But why?

A big trend we've seen emerging recently is for chalky brights - chalky hues of bold colours. Think golden shades of yellow, burning hues of orange, and splashes of tantalising teal, all underwritten with a subtle chalkiness. This chalky twist provides a super-contemporary feel while pulling back on the vibrancy to help stop the colours from crossing that fine-line between stylish and garish.

Chalky Bright Home Décor - Ochre Raj Table Lamp from Pagazzi Lighting

All things considered, I think it makes sense that people are wary of bright colours in home décor. As mentioned above, colours can have very specific influences on our mood, with many associating yellow with happiness, for instance. Given this transformative and atmosphere-defining power, it's understandable that people might prefer to stick with safer, neutral tones at home.

However, well-chosen flashes of colour can really bring a home to life and I think it's a shame that people are so quick to count colour out when planning an interior update. A fondness for colour at home can demonstrate a bold personality and a fearless style sensibility. In fact, a deft eye for playing with colour and print is often the ultimate tool in the top interior designer's toolbox, with an ability to stylishly introduce striking elements of colour acting as an amazing way to stand out from the beige, brown, and cream crowd!

Always keen to provide options for everyone, whether you're ultra-conventional or uber-wacky, our buying team are always working to create an extensive and varied range of products to suit every style and sensibility.

So if you're sick of mundane magnolia and ready to embrace a punchy new palette, chalky brights are the perfect transitionary colour palette for Summer into Autumn. Here's some of our favourite chalky bright products to get you inspired.

Chalky Brights | Raj Table Lamps | Pagazzi Lighting

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