Chandeliers, pendant lights, ceiling lamps, and other accessories can set the mood of a room and give your home a complete makeover. Whether you want to redecorate your living space or give it a different vibe, make sure you stay on top of the latest lighting trends. Rustic chandeliers, for instance, are all the rage this year. In 2020, expect to see oversized chandeliers with a soft gold finish, vintage Edison-style bulbs, and lighting fixtures in retro and industrial styles. Art deco is making a comeback too, so there will be lots of clean lines and natural shapes that combine aesthetics and functionality. This style is characterised by a cosy glow, elegant curves, and unique designs with a nostalgic flair. So, are you ready to upgrade your lighting accessories and give your home a new look? Check out these fashionable lighting trends for inspiration!

Geometric Shapes Are Back in the Game

The geometric trend is back in fashion! Pendant lights, ceiling lights, and chandeliers with geometric motifs allow you to create bright accents in different parts of your favourite room. These lighting fixtures are ideal for minimalist homes. They not only create the impression of space to also add a touch of elegance and modernity. The Olson 3 Ceiling Light, for instance, features a beautiful mat black finish, clean lines, and retro accents. It's a perfect addition to your kitchen, bar, or living room.

Go Wireless to Keep Up with the Trends

Wireless technology has taken the world by storm. Its impact on the lighting industry won't go unnoticed in the upcoming year. You're probably familiar with smart LED bulbs and other high-tech lighting systems. What about wireless floor lamps and other "smart" fixtures that can be moved around without having to deal with a bunch of cables?

Bigger Is Better

Oversized ceiling lamps and other large fixtures act as centrepieces, creating that "wow" factor. Hang them over your dining table or in any area where you want to draw attention. These accessories work best for big rooms. For example, we recommend hanging this gorgeous ceiling light pendant over an elegant glass table in the living room. To achieve a stylish look, balance it with matching table lamps, ceiling spotlights, and other smaller fixtures.

Go Industrial

Industrial lighting has been around for several years — and it won't go away anytime soon. This trend fits most homes, adding a contemporary flair. But don't think heavy machinery and straight lines. Industrial lighting fixtures come in fabulous shapes and gorgeous brass tones, fusing modern and traditional design. This elegant floor lamp, for example, is ideal for your home office or living space. The exposed bulb emits a strong light that will energise your senses and keep you productive during those long hours when you're trying to finish work. Its black antique copper finish will add a touch of style to your home.

Explore the Latest Lighting Trends

Interior lighting is an integral part of your living space. It has the power to transform your home, lift your mood, and boost your productivity. The latest lighting trends are inspired by the modern lifestyle, blending functionality and aesthetic appeal. Need a boost of inspiration? Check out our guide on how to decorate like an influencer. Your home will look like a million bucks in no time!