Top Tips For Festive Table Decorations


We all know that food is one of the most important parts of christmas celebrations, at least by the results of our office chat about the festive season! Whether you tuck into your turkey for lunch or dinner, one thing is for sure, christmas wouldn't be christmas without a great meal with your nearest and dearest. 


Make christmas extra special this year by planning your table decoration with sophisticated style in mind. The interior experts at Pagazzi Lighting will be revealing their top tips for festive table decorations to help you make an impact if it's your turn to host the family meal this christmas.


We know that for many, the most important part of this event is the food, but once the perfect menu has been organised it is time to start thinking about the table itself.  While your dining table may not need decorating for any other day of the year, Christmas is the time to push the boat out and make it look special. This being said, there are no rules and table decorations can range from elegantly simple to over the top, we'd suggest going for the toned down unless you want your dining table to feel like Santa's Grotto.


Don't forget that it is winter and it will be darker outside in the evenings, so it's important to make sure your table is well lit – your culinary efforts will have gone to waste if no one can see the food when it arrives!  With this in mind, we have decided to take a look at our favourite Christmas dining table decorations and picked out some top tips for you.


Style With a Theme

Defining a clear colour scheme and design theme will not only make your table look inviting and interesting, but it will also look far more professional than just throwing any old decoration behind the wine glasses. Make sure you match up your lighting and theme to create a stunning and welcoming atmosphere!

Pick out seasonal colours like icy whites, crisp blues, traditional reds and greens or even a bold colour like a rich purple or deep black to contrast with other accent colours in your tableware and accessories. Themes can be subtle and sophisticated, and planning this in advance will help you to choose the best items to dress your table for the big event. If you need some inspiration, why not choose one main colour and then go over and take a look at the Pagazzi Lighting Pinterest for our top interior themes of 2017.


Get Prepared Early

Christmas can be a very stressful time of the year, and making sure that your guests are comfortable and happy on the day can add a huge amount of pressure. If you want to save time in stress, we'd always recommend setting the dinner table the night before, to give you more chance to focus on the finishing touches and the food before your friends and family arrive! Map out your seating plan and make sure that everyone knows where to go when the time comes.

Make sure you have everything you need for the table a couple of days or even weeks beforehand, depending on how organised you are, so that you're not chasing after the essentials at the last minute. Make a design checklist and a shopping list and stick to it, this will really help you create a great table decoration this festive season.


Check The Essentials

Having enough of the essentials can really make or break a christmas lunch. Check you have plenty of chairs for everyone to sit comfortably - as much as it can be a laugh - sitting on that gym ball you've been hiding in the back corner of your wardrobe for the last year isn't the best way to treat your guests! Have you made sure you have enough wine glasses, plates & cutlery? Stock up beforehand and make sure you set some aside specifically for the christmas lunch. Your dishwasher will be on enough as it is, don't make things harder for yourself.

Don't forget to start your lunch or dinner with a bang, get some crackers on the table and encourage everyone to join arms for a bit of excitement at the start of the meal! This is a great way to break any tension, and a luxurious looking cracker can really make your table design pop!


Choose Soft Lighting

When it comes to lighting the christmas table, it's great to add some soft light touches to really create a welcoming atmosphere. Making sure your room is well lit is an essential, so why not consider something that sparkles like our range of Lyndsay Lighting and combine this with soft candle light on the table. If you don't want to put out real candles on the table, you can get great flickering led versions as an alternative.

Christmas lunch is all about getting round the table as a family, and making sure the atmosphere is right will help to keep the conversation flowing and the cheer in the air. Combine soft metallic finishes with simple complimentary block colours in your candles and decoration. The warm light from a candle is both stylish and homely, so the more the merrier!


Traditional Runners

When it comes to actually decorating the table, work from the base up. Think about your layering and build up a style with different fabrics, combinations of colour and mixing the traditional with the modern. Many people will go for a traditional table cloth, with a complimentary runner, but think outside the box with Reds, Greens, Sparkle & Natural Items and you'll quickly have a much more exciting table decoration!

Many of this year's festive professional design trends are centred on light coloured wood, red, gold and touches of greenery, so have a think about how you will incorporate this into your own design for a sophisticated look!

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