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Trend Alert - Traditional & Antique Lighting


Want to give your home some a sense of timeless elegance and warmth? Why not take a look at one of the best starting points for interior design, and style your home with some traditional lighting items and antique touches. The interior design experts at Pagazzi Lighting HQ have been looking at some of the highlights of this trend, and have given us their top tips for styling around the home.


Traditional styling is comforting and classic. Many of the homes we grew up in were styled traditionally, before the rise of interior design trends and more fashionable and seasonal accessories. The combination of matching furnishings to create a calm and orderly interior design has long been a staple of the industry. Keep reading below to see our top tips for this key design trend!



Top Tips


Generally, with the traditional style, antique furniture pieces and accessories are placed in pairs and centred within a room, but more modern architectural design has shifted this styling must towards more creative uses. The unique character of traditional items are combined with up-cylced and re-purposed furniture to create a 'lived in' feel. When selecting furniture for your home, think about the functionality of the piece, you want a traditionally styled home to be used, and loved for years to come.


Mix up natural vertical lines and relaxing horizontal patterns on your walls and create shape through the clean lines and gentle curves of traditional furniture. When it comes to fabrics, avoid the shiny and the overly textured - think about subtle detailing rather than bold statements. Florals, simple muted colour schemes and small all over patterns are common, and can help to show your own identity in your design.


When it comes to colour temperature - think mid-ranges, like neutrals and pastel blues. While darker colours can be used to compliment your design, they shouldn't be the focus when it comes to creating the traditional look. Keep the wall colour warm and deeper hues specifically for your upholstery or choice of flooring. You want to create a colour and lighting scheme that compliments your items and makes your rooms feel homely. You also don't want to choose a colour that you're going to have to replace within a year when the fashion changes.


Think about the accessories well in advance, so that your home design is ready with all the complimentary items you need for the re-design to save you chasing that elusive table lamp or vase that will perfect the look. Think about pairing table matching table lamps and other lighting fixtures to bring the room together into one coherent look. Think golds, brass and sophisticated window dressing and you'l have the starting point for any traditional or antique room design.


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