You might have seen them on social media and décor sites. Wavy, asymmetric, curved - whatever you call them, blob mirrors are everywhere, and it’s time to welcome the modern aesthetic in our homes and embrace this trend.

Whether you are looking for a bold statement piece using a standalone blob mirror in your bedroom or living room, or if you lean towards a more compact piece for the hallway, this versatile and on-trend design element is sure to be a conversation piece for your guests. At Pagazzi, we have a wide selection of affordable blob mirrors that you can seamlessly integrate into your home decor since they have a minimalistic design with black and metallic frames.

Why We Love Blob Mirrors

They help bring light into your home

A mirror will help your room appear a bit bigger and brighter, which never hurts.

Taking a mirror into consideration when decorating your room is a great idea, as it creates the illusion of a larger space and a brighter ambience. When choosing your mirror make sure it compliments the other items and décor in your room. Additionally, the size of the mirror is very important, if you are short on wall space choose a smaller size. This asymmetric mirror is perfect for small rooms.

They serve as decoration pieces

This is generally said for all mirrors but blob mirrors take a step further in decoration. Asymmetric mirrors are a feature in themselves and can be used instead of wall art.

Asymmetric mirrors are an easy way for a classic home to look modern

Our blob mirrors can complement any room décor as they are minimalistic in design. Thin matte black frames can easily blend into your room and add a modern touch to your decoration.

Pro Tip: How to hang a mirror

Before you begin you need to know the weight of your mirror and what type of wall is it that you will be drilling. You can find the mirror weight’s in the product description. The weight will help you determine what type of screws you’ll need. 

For our blob mirrors, a good rule of thumb is to hang them between 55 to 65 inches from the floor. It’s important that you hang your mirror to reflect the natural light coming in from the windows, this will help bounce the light around your room.

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