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Dining Room Lights - All from stock with next day delivery available

Whether you have a formal area or a modern room setup, you will want to be sure that your dining room lights complement your furniture, mood and the decor of your dining room.

Dining room lighting can vary from a chandelier, pendant light, wall lights, floor lamps or lower level table lamp lighting.  We have everything you might need in a huge range of styles to light your dining room and suit all budgets.

Wall lights can often be overlooked as a choice of lighting in your dining room but their decorative look and the ambiance they deliver can make all the difference in smaller rooms where there is for example little room for a floor lamp.  

If you have pictures, art or photographs on on your dining room walls, instead of a wall light, you could easily opt for a picture light instead.  These lights are designed to show off pictures and photographs to their best effect particularly when daylight starts fading to dusk.

Ceiling height...  An important point for your dining room lights!

Modern homes tend to have lower ceilings whereas ceilings in the more traditionally built home will tend to be higher making it more practical to have a longer or adjustable height pendant or chandelier style light.  For dining room lights, this changes the options you can consider.  Proportionately, the higher the ceiling, the larger the room will be meaning that you can bring a more flamboyant or opulent range of lights into play.

For lower ceilings, you may need to adopt a more minimalist approach towards dining room lights and although there are beautifully compact pendant lights available, flush mounted and semi-flush ceiling lights are a great alternative to pendants - or, think about dimmable halogen style lights. With halogen lights, can consider exchanging the bulb type to the new generation LED bulbs which run at a fraction of the cost of standard halogen bulbs and can last up to 35,000 hours.

Your existing dining room furniture will play a big part in the lighting choices you make and the options that may be suitable for you.  Modern clean and sharp lined dining furniture attracts modern dining room lights as they will complement each other well whereas more traditional dining furniture where there may be a drinks trolley or sideboard would tend to marry in more effectively with traditional and contemporary light fittings.

Dining room lights are offered in polished chrome, satin chrome, antique brass, polished brass, bronze, silver and even black so if you have modern or traditional style furniture, we have the lights that can match the whole theme of your dining room.

Of course, if you have larger rooms with higher ceilings, you can really indulge yourself with chandelier style dining room lights.  The lighting we have available in our collections offers you a huge range of choices as we want you to be delighted with your purchase. 

Matching floor and table lamps offer an air of decadence and style to a dining room – without needing to break the bank in the process. PAGAZZI also has touch floor and touch table lamps that allow you adjust the light setting (often up to three levels) to alter the ambiance of the room and seating without needing to fit a dimmer switch.

The right choice of dining room light will certainly make a real difference and PAGAZZI guarantees that every product advertised here is in stock and ready for immediate dispatch within the UK.