Mixologist - Trends for 2017


Mixologist - Trend for 2017!

This trend is not for the faint of heart but is perfect for eclectic and eccentric risk takers who love using their interiors to express their vibrant personalities.


'Mixologist' is all about mixing and matching elements of different styles to create a blend of aesthetics which is unlike anything else. As this look is all about self-expression, playing with different ideas, and clashing colours, prints, and textiles, there's no walkthrough guide on how to achieve the 'Mixologist' vibe. Your home is your canvas and you can paint it any way you like!


It's important to remember that, as wild and wacky as this trend is, there is a method to the madness and creating a room that pushes the envelope of interior tastes while remaining livable and stylish is no mean feat.


If you're feeling creative and fancy giving this electric trend a go in your home, we would definitely recommend mocking up some mood boards to play with different elements on a small scale first to see what colour mixes you like before reaching for the paint brush and making a commitment.

This style is no shrinking violet, so play with bold, sculptural pieces which make a real statement. Clash patterns and prints (within reason, remember to develop your ideas on a vision board first) to create a finished look that you love! And after all, that's what really counts. 'Mixologist' celebrates the idea that a home should reflect the whim and eccentricities of the people that live there, and allow you the freedom to express your creativity.


Guests might think you're mad, but they won't forget your house in a hurry!

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