Outdoor & Garden Lighting

Into Summer time and Autumn

Fewer people are going abroad as often as they did in the past and if you are one of these people, it gives you and your family more time to spend around the garden, patio or decking whether for a barbeque with family and friends, a bit of gardening or just relaxing into the early evening.

As evening falls and daylight fades, it's lovely to be able to just throw a switch and light up the outdoors so you can stay out longer as friends come round to share in the chat and perhaps join you in a glass of wine.

Outdoor lighting is certainly a talking point and can make an 'ordinary' garden into one that is 'out of the ordinary', a 'beautiful' garden into a 'stunning' one and an 'excellent' garden into an 'exceptional' one particularly as evening falls.

With finishes in stainless steel, white, black and silver, whichever colours match your theme to make it extra special, add outdoor lighting to your 'must do' list this year.

Outdoor lighting from PAGAZZI

Where appropriate, our outdoor lighting carries IP rating for safety in damp or wet conditions.  Wikipedia lists information on IP ratings for both indoor and outdoor uses.

This doesn't detract from the look of the lights in any way and means you can relax in the knowledge that your lighting won't fail in rainy conditions.

Outdoor Security lighting

Many areas in your garden and around your home can be insecure at night.

Darkness is a friend of intruders so it is always a good idea to be able to have these areas illuminated whenever motion is detected. This can be achieved by use of floodlights, outdoor wall lights or post lights along pathways.

Often, outdoor lights tend to be switch operated but many Passive Infra Red (PIR) lights can be adjusted to alter the time the light remains on and can also be adjusted to help reduce the risk of being activated be animals.

PIR sensors allow activation of the light whenever the infra-red beam is disrupted.

There is no doubt that outdoor lights are ideal for a number of uses for decorative purposes, safety and security. Path and driveways leading to your home can be beautifully lit by low energy LED Post lights or outdoor wall lighting.

Post lights are available in small or large sizes.

An ever growing popular style of lighting, LED light units are very affordable and are very low cost to run allowing you to feel more secure whilst retaining a modern or contemporary look.