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Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

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Pendant ceiling lights are great for creating focal points within a room.

Particularly suited to higher ceilings, pendants can be used to cast light on a particular area which makes them perfect for fitting above task areas such as tables or stairways.

The ceiling pendants PAGAZZI offer come in a variety of finishes from Polished Chrome, Aluminium, Silver, Black and Antique Brass, often with glass or crystal-like droplets. Many pendant lights form part of a 'lighting family' meaning that there will be matching Table lamps and Floor lamps available allowing you to marry them together and make the most of a consistent design throughout your room or home.

How high is your ceiling?

Modern ceilings are not particularly high so to install a modern pendant light it needs to be in proportion to the available height and general layout of the room.  You may need one that does not have much of a drop but is wide enough to give it pride of place as a focal point.  This may be better being a small  chandelier rather than a conventional pendant light fitting but many contemporary pendant lights will also suit.

This ‘proportion’ element also needs to be true in more traditional build homes with higher ceilings where there may also be an ornate ceiling rose to take into account. When choosing a particular style of light, care should be taken to ensure the size and style of your light is suitable for the available space, headroom and light emission needs.

So where will you fit yours?

Whichever is the room of choice, be it Kitchen, Living Room or Lounge, Dining Room,  Bedroom Home/Office or Hallway, consider traditional, modern or contemporary pendant lights  that will suit the décor and style you want and offer up the best light for your needs.

If you are in any doubt and are close to one of our stores, please call in and speak to one of our lighting experts who will be delighted to offer advice and guidance.

You can also consider complementing the ceiling or pendant light with matching table lamps and with new generation LED or Eco Halogen bulbs, you can also reduce the running cost of your lights.

Pagazzi also carry a wide range of pendant shades, often known as non-electric pendants.  These are easy-fit pendants that don’t need an electrician to install. If you don’t want the expense of buying full pendant lights, then by simply fitting a pendant shade, the look of your room can be instantly transformed.