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Showing 1-64 of 1217 products
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Shopping for ceiling and wall lights or table and floor lamps?

You want something special in lighting – a choice of popular lights in a particular size, shape, style or colour or a choice of lights that are more unique and individual – all without breaking the bank?

At PAGAZZI, we know that these are the features you are looking for when considering buying new lights and we do our absolute best to deliver every option for you.

We stock thousands of lights from Europe’s top suppliers!

Laura Pagan, arguably the country’s most experienced lighting buyer spends an enormous amount of time each week dealing with suppliers to ensure we are in a position to deliver the right choices of lighting for you in terms of style, colour range and price.

Our stock also offers light families, often with matching ceiling, floor and table lamps.

We also buy clearance lines in bulk and pass these savings on to you. We sell 10,000 lights each week so we know what we are talking about.

PAGAZZI is the largest specialist lighting retailer in the UK.

PAGAZZI, recognised for delivering the best customer service in the UK Lighting Industry, lights the nation with 15 stores around the country working to the highest store standards in the UK Lighting Industry and our Superstores carry over 20,000 Lighting and Mirror products.

If you can’t get to one of these, then we have the website to help.

It’s hard to display all our products as we would in-store so we have tried to offer the widest opportunity for you to browse by room, or by light type to help you find the lights you are looking for.

Buying from the website offers inexpensive delivery charges, next day delivery option, our 14 day right to return policy, and our guarantee that every product you see listed on our site is actually in our web warehouse stock ready for immediate dispatch within the UK and Northern Ireland.


Don't forget about bulbs...

Not only do we have a huge choice in lights and shades for all rooms but we also stock a wide range of bulbs to suit the lights and the all-important ambiance you want to create.

Our ranges of LED light bulbs offer you up to 90% savings against standard bulbs.

This means that for the average kitchen and bathroom areas, you could save over £75 in electricity costs. These LED bulbs will cost a little more but they have a life expectancy of 25 years. WOW!

They also give off a warmer white light than standard halogen bulbs making them easier to work in resulting in less eyestrain and totally worth the investment.

There's no doubt.  You're much better off shopping at PAGAZZI.