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A modern and somewhat industrial looking lighting choice, spotlights are the perfect choice for rooms throughout the home including kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. 
Our range of ceiling spotlights is designed to offer something to suit every aesthetic. The collection offers a variety of different finishes including different metals, matte black and more. Some of our LED ceiling spotlights are bar units, such as our best-selling Letto Ceiling Spotlight Bar where some are circular units, like the Hereford 3 Light Spotlight Ceiling Light both offering a different look and feel for the room. 

What are spotlights?

Opposed to the usual plain spotlights that are built into the ceiling, our ceiling spot lights are unique fixtures that offer design appeal and can be used to create a centre point in the room. 
Our collection of spotlights are single light units that can be fitted to the ceiling or wall from a single power point and provide 3-4 different bulbs in one. 

How many spotlights do I need?

Thanks to our range of LED spotlights have multiple bulbs in individual light fittings, many rooms will only require one of these light fixtures to illuminate the whole space. This provides a more stylish and cost-effective option than traditional built-in spotlights which require multiple units and bulbs and require a lot of work to install. 

What rooms can spotlights be used in?

The versatility of our range of spotlights means they are perfectly suited to every room. From kitchen spotlights that feel industrial and utilitarian to more stylish units that may be more suited in a living or bedroom space, the range has something to work in every area of the home. 
Our blog post on how to refresh your home on a budget has some top tips for centring your décor around a statement light and our selection of ceiling spotlights could be the perfect choice.

Can I adjust the direction of spotlights?

Many of our spotlights can be adjusted to ensure the light is directed perfectly to suit the space. Each unit is different, so be sure to check the specification of the individual unit you’re interested in to ensure it features adjustable lamp heads. 
Our Stoneleigh 4 Concrete and Wood Effect Spotlight Bar Ceiling Light is a perfect example of a fixture with adjustable lamp heads, meaning they can be moved to direct light however your room requires.