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Flush & Semi Flush Ceiling Lights

Brighten Up with Flush and Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights

Are you looking for flush ceiling lights to light up your whole room? With hundreds of flush and semi-flush lights available in a diverse range of styles, colours, materials and price points, you can rest assured that you’ll find the right flush mount lighting solutions for your home at Pagazzi Lighting. We have something to suit every taste and décor from traditional to contemporary, crystal to colour-changing LED, industrial to multi-bulb styles and from velvet to glass, matt black and antique brass.

Flush vs semi-flush lighting
A flush light generally has a lower profile than other forms of ceiling light and shines in a downwards direction from the ceiling. Designed to sit directly on the ceiling without leaving a space between the light fixture and the ceiling itself, a flush mount will provide the ideal lighting solution for your space. Ideal for properties with low ceilings, flush lights are less obtrusive where space is limited and usually entirely packed, which has the advantage of keeping dust and debris from gathering around the bulb and tampering with the light output.

A semi-flush ceiling light, on the other hand, sits a few inches off the ceiling with a small space gap between the ceiling and the fixture. A semi-flush ceiling light allows for an uplift effect by shining light up against the ceiling whilst also providing a direct downward light.

Both flush and semi-flush mounts are perfect for achieving the same stunning aesthetic impact as larger statement lighting and the ideal solution for contemporary homes with lower ceilings than period properties. As a general rule, flush lights are the optimum choice for rooms where the ceiling is lower than 2 meters, with these styles of lighting working particularly well in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and modern minimalistic living spaces. For rooms with a ceiling height of 2 metres to 2.3 metres, a semi-flush lighting fixture can make for an eye-catching feature whilst still working with the available space. If your ceiling is over 2.3 meters high, why not browse through our extensive collection of chandeliers and pendant ceiling lights for inspiration. We also offer a fabulous selection of wall lights to complement your ceiling fixtures and provide extra illumination for small corners or darker rooms.

LED options for flush ceiling lights
We have a comprehensive range of LED flush and semi-flush ceiling lights that make an excellent energy-efficient option for those wanting to save on their energy bills without compromising on elegance and style. LED light bulbs afford in the region of 10 years of light whilst using significantly less energy than conventional bulbs, making an LED flush or semi-flush mount the ideal choice for high-use areas where the lights are left on for longer periods of time.

Our lighting specialists will be more than happy to advise on lighting styles, functionality and design to assist with your requirements for every room in your home. All of our ceiling lights are in stock and available for immediate dispatch.