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Touch Table Lamps

Touch lamps offer the perfect combination of convenience and style. Our range of touch table lamps has something to suit every space, from bedrooms to offices. Available in a range of colours, designs and materials, our collection of touch lights is guaranteed to have what you’re looking for. 

What is a touch table lamp?

In short, touch table lamps are a type of lamp that can be turned on or off by simply touching or tapping part of the lamp, often the base. 
Our range of touch lights offers all the usual variety you would look for in a collection of table lamps but with the added benefit of the convenient ‘tap to turn on’ feature. For example, our best-selling Abel Touch Table Lamp may look like your classic table lamp but is actually operated using touch.

How do touch lamps work?

Touch lamps will usually be powered by a mains plug socket as a normal lamp will be but opposed to using a switch to turn it on, you will simply tap part of the lamp. This fun and unique feature takes away the need to have access to switch and means any wires can be tucked away neatly. 
The way in which a touch lamp powers on or off via touch is down to the electrical circuit, usually built into the base. The circuit features components called capacitors which are altered when tapped and therefore react by powering on or off. 

What styles of touch table lamps are there?

We pride ourselves on having one of the best selection of touch table lamps online and in-store. From classic designs like our Lizzi Touch Lamp in Mocha to something more statement like our best-selling Lessina Gold and Glass Touch Lamp, there’s a style of touch lamp to suit every décor taste.

Where is the best place for a touch table lamp?

The beauty of touch table lamps is they are designed to work in every space of the house. From bedroom touch lamps which are the perfect finishing touch to a bedside table, to alternative designs that may be better suited to a desk or living room sideboard, this convenient type of table lamp can be used throughout the home. 
When it comes to purchasing a touch light, look no further than the range online or in-store here at Pagazzi.