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Touch Table Lamps

Touch Lamps

Here at Pagazzi, we understand that lighting needs to be versatile to create the all-important perfect ambience for work, study, reading, relaxation and every other activity you might carry out in your home. Our extensive range of touch table lamps means you can have light wherever and whenever you need it, controlled with a single touch. 
As the name suggests, a touch table lamp doesn’t have a physical switch, but rather is activated by touching the base (or other specific section of the lamp) for interactive and controllable lighting – you simply press with your fingers to turn on and off. 
The flexibility of a touch lamp makes it the perfect source of illumination for every space in the home, whether that’s a comforting nightlight in a child’s bedroom, an adjustable lighting solution for a desk in a home office or positioned in a cosy reading corner for an extra layer of ambient light in the living room. 


Touch lamps are also brilliant for bedrooms. A gentle tap will provide softly glowing light to set the mood for romance or make a fabulous reading light on your bedside table. Not only do touch bedside lamps mean no more fumbling around in the dark searching for awkward switches when you wake up in the middle of the night, but they’re also a helpful solution for those who might find it difficult to stretch out of bed to turn the light on or off via a traditional switch. 

You'll never have to worry about finding the light switch again with your new touch table lamp. Our range includes traditional and contemporary designs in a wide array of colours and finishes so there’s something to suit every décor style, taste and price point. 

What type of bulb do I need? 
The perfect combination of style and functionality, many of the touch table lamp designs in our fabulous collection have a built-in dimmer function, also operated by touch, so that controlling the level of brightness is just a convenient tap away. Tap on at full brightness, tap again to dim to medium level light, again for low level light and finally tap again to turn off. 

Lots of our styles have been designed specifically for use with LED light bulbs and touch lamps with a dimmable function will require a dimmable bulb. It’s worth noting that not all dimmable LEDs will work with touch lights so make sure you check the product description for relevant light bulb information before adding bulbs to your basket. If you’re unsure or have any questions, our friendly team of lighting specialists is always on hand to offer guidance and advice where needed. 

Browse our full range of elegant touch table lamps today - we guarantee that any products listed on the Pagazzi website are IN STOCK and available for immediate dispatch within the UK and Northern Ireland.