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Table Lamp Shades

Table Lamp Shades

Are you looking for a quick and simple way to update your interior décor scheme? A new table lamp shade is a practical and budget-friendly solution to upgrade your lighting and transform the look and ambiance of every room in your home.
Here at Pagazzi, we understand that everyone has unique tastes when it comes to lighting and home décor, which is why we offer an extensive selection of shades for your table lamps in all manner of colours, materials and sizes. Our collection includes classic, vintage and contemporary, so you’ll be able to light your home just the way you like it. We offer a range of shapes including drum, square, oval, empire, bowed hexagon, coolie and cylinder, in a myriad of colours from midnight blue to silver, teal, mustard, emerald green and, of course, ever-popular neutrals.
And the best part – when you’re ready for a new look, all it takes is a new lampshade.
How to choose a table lamp shade


When you’re choosing your new table lamp shade, you’ll need to consider the amount of light – also referred to as luminance - that the shade will let through. An opaque fabric like velvet will produce a more atmospheric and slightly darker lighting effect, with the light escaping from the top and bottom of the shade rather than through the sides, whilst a more translucent shade in linen or silk diffuses soft light through the shade itself and around the room.

There are three types of light options - ambient, task and accent lighting - to consider when it comes to selecting the right shade for your table lamp. A fabric lampshade is ideal for creating a warm and inviting ambiance, softening the light of the room, as well as providing additional functional lighting. A table lamp with a metal shade will provide excellent task lighting, providing a beam of directional light for activities like reading, whereas a lighter shade in a natural colour is perfect for highlighting specific areas of a room, diffusing warm pools of light to emphasise décor features or furniture.

What size shade do I need?
Your own personal style will impact the size of shade that you choose, along with the existing décor of your room and the size of the lamp base. There’s no rights or wrongs here – if you love it, then it’s the right shade! It’s always a good idea however to consider the dimensions of your room. A small shade could look a bit lost in a large room, whereas an oversized shade, that would look fantastic in a bigger space, might make a small room look overcrowded.

We recommend choosing a table lamp shade that’s in proportion to the shape and size of your lamp base. A huge shade could dwarf a small base, whereas a shade that’s too small will make your lamp look unbalanced. It’s a good idea to use your old shade as a guide when buying a replacement. A perfectly fitting lamp shade should ideally hide the bulb and holder without covering any of the lamp base below and ideally measure around twice the diameter of the lamp base at its widest point.

How to fit a lampshade

It really couldn’t be easier to fit your stunning new lampshade. Make sure your light is turned off, then simply unscrew the lightbulb, loosen and remove the old lampshade and carefully fit the new shade, tightening the mounting around the bulb fitting. If the new lampshade is too loose around your bulb socket, you might need to use a lampshade reducer ring.
All the table lamp shades on our website are in stock and ready to dispatch, with next weekday delivery available on orders placed by 3pm and free delivery on orders over £79.00.
If you need advice or specific product information, you can always pop into your nearest Pagazzi Superstore, where our lighting experts will be happy to assist you.