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Outdoor Lights

Bring summer nights to life with our range of modern outdoor lighting. Designed with something to suit every style, our selection of outdoor lights includes stunning wall-mounted pieces, free-standing lights, lantern styles and more. The perfect finishing touch for every outdoor space, from the largest gardens to the cosiest of yards, the right outside lights can add a whole new atmosphere to any space.

How are outdoor lights powered?

Our collection of exterior lights features a variety of different power options. From wall-mounted styles that require a wiring and a range of different bulbs, we also have free-standing solar powered patio lights and battery powered outdoor lights too for those spaces that can’t connect to a power supply.

What does IP44 rated mean?


A lot of our range are IP44 rated outdoor lights, which gives you peace of mind that you’re choosing a quality product for your garden that has all the protection from the elements it needs. IP44 rated means our lights are protected from both solid objects larger than 1mm and water splashing from any direction. With this rating in place, you can rest assured that your garden can stay illuminated through all weathers.

How do solar lights work?

Solar lights are a perfect, cost-effective garden lighting option for spaces with little to no access to a wired power supply. Solar garden lights are powered by the energy generated by sunlight and therefore are often free-standing such as our Solar Spike Flickering Outdoor Light or free-hanging such as these Solar LED Bulb String Lights.

How to choose the right garden lights

Bringing your garden dreams together can feel like a challenge but with the help of our vast range of exterior lighting and the top tips in our Guide to Garden Furniture, you’ve got all the tools you need to transform your outdoor space. From picking the perfect outdoor lighting to pairing with the perfect table, chairs and accessories, look no further for all the advice you need to create a space to enjoy in every season.