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Bedroom Lights

Bedroom lighting and lights

When it comes to bedroom lighting, we have plenty to choose from at Pagazzi. We know that bedroom lights can have a massive impact on creating the right atmosphere and it goes without saying that they need to be versatile, with a main ceiling light for general use – think everyday tasks like getting dressed and doing your hair - and additional layered lighting like wall lights and table lamps for reading, relaxing, romance and promoting restful sleep. The right bedroom lights should also enhance your décor scheme, complement your soft furnishings and bring the all-important WOW factor to your private sanctuary.


Whether you have a modern house or a more traditional build, the size and shape of the bedrooms and the amount of furniture they can accommodate will help you decide on the best and most appropriate combinations of bedroom lighting. A show-stopping chandelier or elegant longer pendant light works looks impressive in larger or high-ceilinged bedrooms, filling out the overhead space and creating a stylish focal point. If you have a more modern style of house with lower ceilings, these styles can still work in your bedroom, but you may need to consider the drop length. A shorter pendant or small chandelier creates an equally impressive focal point, or you could consider a stunning flush or semi-flush fitting as an alternative.

Tell a story with bedroom reading lights

A floor lamp positioned over a favourite comfy chair in your boudoir is a fantastic way to create a cosy reading corner for when you want to escape for a bit of ‘me-time’. We have a wide choice of designs from classic standard lamps to impressive arc lights and trendy tripods to decorative crystal and multi-light lamps, so you’re sure to find something to suit your style and price point.

Another way to add ambient bedroom lighting is with bedside lights. Most people like to have a lamp on their bedside table for reading, mood or task lighting - the added bonus here of course is that you don’t have to get back out of bed to turn the main light off. Our range offers every style imaginable including uber modern, rustic, traditional, classic and contemporary chic. We also offer shades in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, with faux silk, velvet, metallic and pleated styles consistently proving popular choices. If you’re the kind of person who loves to go to bed with a good book, choose a touch lamp to you can skip the sometimes awkward to reach switches. Many of our touch table lamps have dimmable bulbs with low, medium and high light settings to create the perfect ambience.

Switched or pull-cord wall lights make a fabulous alternative to reading lamps and are ideal for small rooms where space is at a premium. A wall light with an adjustable swing arm enables you to extend the light out from the wall for wider reaching illumination and position it where you most need it. A pair of matching wall lights look extremely effective mounted on either side of dressing table mirror for extra lighting. Picture lights are also a great way of showcasing a favourite piece of artwork on your bedroom wall.

Lighting for kids’ bedrooms


Kids and teenagers will undoubtedly have their own ideas on bedroom décor! It’s worth remembering that they’re likely to want to change the style and colour scheme of their bedroom a lot sooner than you are, so it’s often more economical to think about replacing the light shades (sometimes called non-electric or easy fit pendants) rather than the lights themselves.

If a young person’s bedroom is needed to incorporate or double up as a study area, you may want to consider a desk lamp as part of the bedroom lighting shopping trip. If you can’t get them to come shopping with you, give your teenagers the chance to browse our website and choose what they want, or at least be able to approve your choices.
We pride ourselves on our comprehensive and competitively priced collection of modern and traditional bedroom light fittings, including our own fabulous Pagazzi and Pagazzi Design collections, with everything on our website in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

Our carefully curated bedroom lighting range brings the right balance of style, functionality and price, and includes glamorous chandeliers, stunning pendants, striking flush and semi-flush fittings, energy-saving LED and spotlights, as well as gorgeous wall, floor and table lamps, with handy touch and rechargeable models also available.
You can choose from a fantastic array of low energy, LED and eco halogen light bulbs help keep running costs low. It’s worth noting that a warm light is more relaxing and less harsh on the eyes for reading in bed, whilst a cool light can be more stimulating if you study or work in your bedroom. Remember to add your choice of light bulbs for your new bedroom lights before you check out.