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Cut Your Electricity Bills with LED Ceiling Lights

Cut Your Electricity Bills with LED Ceiling Lights

With energy bills rising and the cost of living also increasing dramatically, it makes sense to save money where you can. One way you can save money is by swapping your traditional incandescent lightbulbs for LED lights.

The average home has the lights on for five hours a day (although this varies based on location and time of year). An incandescent lightbulb on for five hours a day will last roughly six months.

LED ceiling lights used for the same five hours a day will last 25 years!

Imagine the difference that would make if you changed every bulb in the house, so you have LED ceiling lights in every room and LED table lights in the home office or on the bedside table.

Not only does that mean far less cost and inconvenience of changing bulbs, but LED lights can also save you money more directly.

LED lights produce light much more efficiently than incandescent lights - so more of the electricity creates light, rather than heat or other wasted energy.

The average LED ceiling light will save you around £10 - £20 per year. If every bulb in the house was changed for an LED light that will save around £200 on your energy bills. With rising electricity costs, this is a welcome and significant saving.

Lighting your home with a combination of LED ceiling lights and LED table lights is more energy efficient and cost-effective for you.
To cut your energy bills, check out the range of LED bulbs from Pagazzi.

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