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The Ultimate Modern Bathroom Remodel Checklist

The Ultimate Modern Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Are you thinking about undergoing a modern bathroom remodel? Here is the ultimate checklist to guide you through the process!

A modern bathroom remodel is a big job, so it makes sense to get everything done in one go. The last thing you want is to end up making another change 6 months down the line. But it can be hard to make sure you get everything done in one go. Read on for our ultimate checklist to guide you through the remodelling process.

1. Set Your Budget

The first step on your checklist for a bathroom renovation should be to set your budget. This is the foundation for helping you make decisions about your renovation project. So shop around for quotes to get an idea of what a bathroom remodel costs.

Make sure you remember that this budget should include your labour costs. Then, with this number, you can work out what type of fixtures, materials and fittings you can afford.

2. Focus on Design and Function

Deciding what style you want for your bathroom isn't easy. You need to consider things like the bathroom colour scheme, what space you have, how much storage you need and so much more.

Start by gathering inspiration and pictures of bathrooms you like. Pinterest is a good site to get you going for some modern bathroom remodel ideas, or you can use interior design websites/magazines. Don't focus only on the design though, remember you need this space to function for your needs.

3. Have a Set Order of Work

As well as needing a design plan, you'll also need a plan for the works. Going through and completing the work in a set order will help you focus and avoid mistakes.

You can also keep track of the work as it's completed. A pro tip is to start from the top of your bathroom. This means you do ceiling work, then the walls and finally the floor. This reduces the chance of damage to any new fixtures and fittings.

4. Understand the Time Scale

If your bathroom is small, don't think this means that it'll be an easier design job, or that it doesn't need planning. No matter what size or shape, the key is in the details and you can only achieve this with a solid plan.

Consider things like ordering in your tiles and other materials/fittings you need to buy. Make sure you know how long it'll take for them to arrive.

It's important to know the time scale of the works, especially if you only have one bathroom. You'll need to make arrangements for baths/showers and using the toilet when the work is underway.

5. Triple Check Your Measurements

When it comes to bathroom design, these are the 3 factors you need to take into consideration the most:

  • Location of your pipework
  • Bathroom fixture dimensions
  • Available space

Measure your space, and double (even triple) check those measurements. This is crucial. There will be nothing more frustrating than getting your new bath and sink to find they won't fit!

6. Install Proper Ventilation

As bathrooms are moist, wet rooms it's important to have the right level of ventilation. If not, it can leave your bathroom damp and mould could set in. Also make sure to reduce condensation in your bathroom, as this can cause dampness issues.

7. Bathroom Fixtures

While function has to be a top priority, the fixtures you choose can make or break your design. There will be a vast array of styles and colours to choose from, to fit any style you like.

For small bathrooms, pick compact fixtures to make the most of your space. A wall-mounted toilet and basin will make your room look larger. And if you have a lot more space to place with, consider a walk-in shower for that hotel feel.

Also, consider your storage options. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, you'll have items you want to store and tuck away to keep it tidy.

Vanity units or cabinet mirrors are as stylish as they are practical. You can even get corner units for those smaller or trickier shaped bathrooms.

8. Floor and Walls

You can use almost any material in your bathroom, but it's got to be waterproof. What you choose will depend on how much you have to spend. Marble or granite is a great option if you have a little more cash to play with.

If you're on a tighter budget then you can get marble effect tiles that look like the real thing. You get that luxury feel, but for a more affordable cost.

Vinyl flooring is also another option to consider. With so many colours and designs, you're sure to get a floor that will fit any theme you desire. Whatever you choose, make sure it's durable for wet bathroom conditions. Any flooring should also be resistant to slipping.

9. Lighting and Heating

Both lighting and heating play a big role in designing your bathroom. You need enough light to go about your tasks, but you should also use it to create a mood.

You want a relaxed space, so get the right balance. Make sure your lighting is for bathroom use (look out for the IP44 rating) and it's got LED technology for energy savings.

For heating, at least a heated towel rack will be a huge quality of life improvement. But if you have the budget for it, underfloor heating is well worth the investment. This will help keep your bathroom and your towels feeling toasty, even in the coldest weather.

10. Accessorise

This might seem like a trivial part of your bathroom design, but accessories help set the mood and tone. They can help pull a look together and create a cohesive scheme. Think of items like your shelving, your toilet roll holder, what towels you'll use.

Your Modern Bathroom Remodel Made Easy

So, there you have it! If you follow this easy checklist, your modern bathroom remodel is sure to go off without a hitch.

Make sure you get your plan straight from the start and know what you have to spend. A solid plan is the key to getting that bathroom of your dreams, whatever your budget.

Be thorough, check your measurements and don't skip the small stuff. Accessories and colour schemes can make or break the relaxing mood a bathroom needs.

If you're looking for your fixtures, check out our bathroom store today. Whatever your style or taste, we've got the perfect fixtures to complete your look.


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