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For many, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home and as lighting can have such an impact on a space, kitchen lighting really is a big interior decision to make.

Our range of kitchen lights are designed to provide something to suit every space and aesthetic. From cosy country kitchens to open plan living and cooking spaces, our collection of kitchen lighting can help complete the look and feel.

What is the best lighting for a kitchen?


From cooking to entertaining, choosing the right lighting for a kitchen is important. First and foremost, good kitchen ceiling lights are a great place to start. Having an option that allows you to illuminate the whole room with the flick of one switch makes it easier than ever to set the mood and bring the space to life.

Where to put lights in a kitchen?

When it comes to choosing where to put kitchen light fittings, it will largely depend on your individual space, however as a rule of thumb, the two key spaces of your kitchen to light well is where you cook and if in the same room, where you dine.

These two spaces need to be well lit, so you can see what you’re cooking, what you’re eating and who you’re sharing those spaces with, so choosing kitchen lighting to suit these areas is a key thing to think about within your kitchen design plans.

For more advice on how to bring your kitchen decor plans to life, our 7 Kitchen Decorating Tips blog is a great read.

What are the different types of kitchen lighting options?

With our wide selection of lighting for kitchens, we have plenty of different types to explore. While the choice comes down to what suits your individual space, you can explore options from single and multiple pendant lights, such as our best-selling Brunswick 3 Light Pendant Bar, which is an ultra-modern statement, flush ceiling lights for a more minimalist finish or kitchen lamps, such as our Sambatello Bronze Wall Light, which allows the unique opportunity to light the space from the sides, opposed from above.