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Rechargeable Table Lamps

Rechargeable & Cordless Table Lamps

Cordless lamps. Rechargeable lamps. Battery-operated table lamps. Whatever you choose to call them, these nifty little creations will be an absolute game-changer in the way you illuminate your home. Rechargeable table lamps are the perfect combination of style, functionality and convenience, offering ultimate versatility over traditional corded lamps as you don’t have to tie them down to a permanent home, instead you can simply bring the light with you to wherever you need it most at any given time.
Powered by a rechargeable battery and designed with up-to-the-minute USB technology, a cordless table lamp gives the option of adding ambient lighting to any space in the home. Maybe you have a deep window ledge on your landing that would be the perfect place for a lamp but doesn’t have a handy plug socket, or high shelving in a chimney-breast alcove where you would love a lamp without the untidiness of an extension lead – a battery-operated lamp provides the perfect solution.


Flexible Lighting to Suit Your Family 
As cordless lamps are portable, you can easily move your light source wherever you desire, taking extra lighting around your home to illuminate any and every activity your family carries out in your space. Our rechargeable lamps offer a whole host of possibilities when it comes to lighting, allowing you to position, rearrange and direct light like never before. We’re confident that our rechargeable lights will transform the way you live your life, as well as effortlessly enhancing your home décor aesthetic.
Rechargeable, cordless lamps make gorgeous table centrepieces, whether that’s on a coffee table in the living room or paired with fairy lights and candles to add an extra dimension to an elegant dinner party or Christmas dinner table. If a romantic date night for two is your thing, it couldn’t be easier to set up an evocatively lit, bistro style table for two in any room of your home. Turn off the main lights and enjoy a touch of restaurant intimacy away from the usual kitchen or dining room setting.

We’ve all heard of the concept of bringing the outdoors in and now you can take the indoors out with the new technology of portable, battery-operated lamps – simply move your rechargeable lamp outside for beautiful al fresco dining on the patio or atmospheric evening drinks in the garden, British weather permitting of course!
Who doesn’t love escaping for a spot of quality me-time? With a cordless lamp at your disposal, it couldn’t be easier to create a cosy nook where you can hide away with a good book and a mug of tea – the versatility of a portable lamp means you can choose a different spot every time. Or take a rechargeable lamp into the bathroom with a glass of wine, turn off the main light and indulge in a relaxing bath after a hard day.

Cordless table lamps also make for great additional task lighting, adding an extra layer of illumination for reading recipes in the kitchen, sewing or knitting in the living room or setting the kids up for studying or homework in a bedroom or quiet corner of the dining room.

Pagazzi guarantee that all of the fabulous products you see on our website and in stock and available for immediate dispatch and our experienced lighting specialists are happy to offer any cordless lighting help and advice that you might need."