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Light Shades

Light Shades and Lamp Shades

Modern day lighting can be all about 'bright' - but not for every room...

You don’t want all your room lights to give the same effect: In your kitchen for example, you will need a wide or direct spread of lighting that is bright enough to let you work, prepare and cook whereas in your dining room, your living room or bedroom, you would probably look for something more subtle, elegant and appropriate that can diffuse an otherwise harsh light into one that is far more acceptable to the eye, the room size, furnishings and surroundings.


Whether you are redecorating, upgrading or freshening up the look of your shades or just wanting to change the look of a room on a budget, choosing from our range of lamp shades with options for table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights in a multitude of sizes and colours at great value prices is a perfect way to get started.

New lamp shades can really transform the look of not only a lovely lamp fitting but also the room and our range of shades can easily be fitted to existing standard lamps, table lamps or ceiling lights to not only change the colour or tone but to develop new eye catching features in the same way that a picture light is there to highlight a wall feature.

Choosing the right bulb can make all the difference!

The right choice of bulb is another important consideration as you may want or need your lighting to be subtle and complementary rather than bright and dominant.

There are many options available to you with new generation bulbs such as LED, low energy and eco halogen all of which increase the life of the bulb over now obsolete incandescent bulbs and which have significantly lower running costs.

Remember that darker coloured shades may need a slightly higher output bulb to avoid a darker shade turning the area into a poorly lit one rather than a subtly lit one. All our lamps come with a standard shade already fitted and if you are renewing or buying a complete unit for the first time, then this may help with your decisions.

If however your furniture allows you to think a bit more radically, then consider large or small shades in drum, coolie, pinch pleat or rounded square styles that are available in a number of contemporary finishes to complement or accentuate square or round edge lines you may have on your tables or furniture in general.

Your own individual style is important and unique to you, your room and your furniture and lighting plays a big part in getting your room to look just the just way you want.

We also have a range of easy fit pendant ceiling light shades in stock that don’t need the assistance of an electrician to fit. These fittings are wide ranging in style and price, can suit every room and can be a far more economical option if you are looking for an inexpensive ‘quick change’ or ‘freshen up’ option.