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Desk Lamps

The perfect finishing touch to any home office space or study, our range of desk lamps offers every aesthetic from traditional to modern and unique. Designed to add both light and style to small places, desk lights are perfect for any studious space.

What type of light is best for a desk lamp?

Although you could argue that any lamp is suitable for a desk, our range of hand-selected desk lighting is designed to complement these types of spaces and provide lighting that is perfectly suited to the use of the area.


A desk lamp should enhance your work area, not overpower it. This collection of modern desk lamps are perfect in size to fit in on a desk and require the types of bulbs that will perfectly illuminate the area.

For example, our Energize Rechargeable Desk Lamp is a minimalistic yet practical design that both looks great and provides perfect lighting.

How tall should a desk lamp be?

The general rule of thumb for desk lamp height is between 24 and 34 inches. Some may suggest measuring your desk and looking for a style 1-1.5x higher but the above measurements are a good starting point.

A desk lamp that is too short won’t properly light the desk but one that is too tall will equally not provide the intensity of light required to work comfortably.

What bulbs should I buy for a desk lamp?

It is recommended that a bulb of 470 lumens, which is around 40 watts, is generally suitable for a desk lamp. However, everyone’s preferences for working light differ and therefore, you should choose the brightness and colour that feels comfortable for you.

There are many benefits to choosing LED desk lamps and our blog on Myth Busting LED Misconceptions can help you understand the pros and cons of this type of desk light further.

For example, our Conversana LED Desk Lamp could be a perfect choice if you’re looking for something minimalistic but well lit.