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Wall Art

Wall Art - How to make your walls more distinctive!

Whatever the style of decor you have, there is always a need to that extra something special to adorn your walls whether that is a mirror, a montage of photographs in a stunning frame or some truly amazing Wall Art pieces.


NEW RANGE of stunning unique Liquid Art pieces from PAGAZZI

You already know that PAGAZZI holds a stunning range of Abstract, Floral and Metal Wall Art pieces in stock but now, with you in mind, we have launched an ‘extra special’ range of designer Wall Art.

Each of these pieces is embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals to highlight specific features within the picture and each of these stunning Wall Art images can be given that extra touch through being highlighted with a wall mounted picture light that would set off that Swarovski sparkle into the evening.

Hand-finished uniqueness

All hand finished in Scotland, no two pictures will ever be identical making this a completely unique offering.

Modern, appealing and very distinctive, these pieces will suit both modern and traditional rooms with modern decor styles.

We did our research and had a look at the current market to make sure that we were going to produce wall art pieces that would fit into your home and also reflect your personality. It became clear that items that bring a smile to your face each and every time you looked at them was important!

We feature classic but exclusive wall art themes in the new range that may take you back to a time or place with good memories.

We spent time walking through the art studio where these pieces are produced to get an understanding of the processes involved in creating all of these gorgeous one-off exclusive liquid art wall art pieces.

After the prints have gone through a hand framing process they are taken to a separate part of the studio to be finished with the poured liquid glass artwork and Swarovski crystals that add extra sparkle to each and every piece.

PAGAZZI guarantees that all products listed here are IN STOCK and available for immediate dispatch to the UK and Northern Ireland.