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Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a popular statement choice for many rooms including kitchens, living spaces and dining rooms. Pendant lighting comes in all shapes and sizes and our collection features all types of styles, from large pendant lighting to more subtle pieces for smaller rooms.
Pendant lights are identifiable by their iconic low-hanging design. The actual style of the fitting can differ hugely to suit all styles but all pendant lights feature the same lower hanging style than something like a flush light fitting. 

What different types of pendant lights are there?

Our range of pendant ceiling lights features a range of materials including glass, metals and natural materials such as rattans. 
There are many different types of pendant light fixtures including multi-bulb pendants as well as those with a single bulb/feature. 
Within this range of ceiling lights, there’s something to suit every space, from the ultra glamorous Camburn LED Halo Pendant to the unique design of the Preveli Woven Rattan Ceiling Pendant

What type of bulbs do I need for pendant lights?

For some pendant light fittings, the bulb is really the star of the show, particularly in the glass and more industrial style designs. In these cases, you may want to choose a more visually-pleasing, statement bulb as they’re going to very much be on display. 

However, each pendant light will have its own requirements of the bulb in terms of wattage and size, so be sure to check the individual product you’re interested in to help choose the right bulb.
Many of our pendant lights are LED and you can find out more about the benefits of LED lights on your electricity bills in our blog post. 

Can I adjust the height of a pendant light?

Due to the fact that every room differs, the majority of our pendant light fittings are height adjustable and therefore you can achieve the perfect height for your light. 
Each pendant light fixture will have a different scope of height adjustment, so be sure to check the individual specification of the light you’re purchasing to ensure it can be fitted at the height you require.