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Dining Room Lights

A space known for conversation and entertaining, dining room lighting really sets the atmosphere in such a key space in the house. Our range of dining room lights are designed to perfectly illuminate this room in every home with a range of styles to choose from to suit every taste.

How to choose dining room lights?

When it comes to choosing dining room light fixtures and the right ones for your space, it’s essential to take every element of your room into account such as the size of your room and the interior design feel you’ve gone for.


Dining room ceiling lights can really take centre stage and therefore if this is the aesthetic you’re after, a grand style such as a pendant light, like our best-selling Jacob 3 Light Nickel and Glass Pendant Bar is a perfect choice.

If you’re decorating a slightly cosier, more intimate space, a smaller scale dining table light may be better suited. Our Charley 3 Light Black Lantern Ceiling Pendant is a more minimalist design, sitting higher up in the room and therefore a more natural fit for a smaller room.

How low should a dining room light hang?

Thinking further about the above, the general rule is that dining room ceiling lights should hang around 3 foot above the table. However, it is generally thought that larger rooms can allow for the dining room lights to hang slightly lower.

Above all though, it is essential that the height of the dining room light fixture feels comfortable to you. Too close to the table and the brightness can be intense and equally, too high and the impact of the light can be lost.

What colour lights for dining room?

The colour of the light you choose for your dining room should compliment the overall aesthetic of the room. Our range of dining room lighting has a variety of styles, colours and materials from metallic finishes to crisp, clear glass, as well as classic black, white and natural materials.

As for the bulbs you choose, a warmer tone bulb tends to create a cosier and more relaxed space where a brighter, white bulb may be a better choice for eating - the choice is yours.

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