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7 Kitchen Decorating Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Did you know the kitchen industry is worth £4.4 billion to the UK economy? In the past year, people have begun to spend even more on their homes. But a fresh new kitchen doesn't have to cost the earth! With just a little clever decorating, you can transform your space. Read on as we discuss our must-know kitchen decorating tips.



When designing your kitchen and when you are decorating it, it is important to prioritise the workflow. Nothing should impede your movement around the kitchen, or the operations you will be performing. For example, small displays and vases can look extremely pretty. However, placed on a worktop when you are already low on space will lead to them simply frustrating you. As well as workflow, you also need to think of safety. In areas such as hobs, where you may be taking hot pans on and off, make sure you don't have anything that could catch. You may end up dropping hot water or oil.


Space needs to be used wisely when you design a kitchen. You must first understand that you should maximise all available areas to create space and storage when building a kitchen. However, you should also understand that you don't need to use all of it. If you have a country, rustic or eclectic look to your interior, then placing items above cupboards will work. However, for sleek and modern kitchens, this tends to look messy. It's better to have items tucked away out of sight.

When you find yourself low on cupboard space, then consider hanging items from the ceiling. These can be done with storage rods, though thick brass ones look more contemporary. Make sure they are high enough to not get in your way, but low enough to reach.


Unlike most of the other rooms in the house, when you decorate your kitchen wall, the decor is more a hindrance than a help. The first reason for this is that paper posters and pictures absorb what is in the air. This means they will fade and yellow much quicker than in other rooms. In addition, the nooks and crannies behind here are breeding grounds for pests. Silverfish, spiders and other pests love these types of hiding holes, so the less of them you have the better. Furthermore, you will find it much easier to clean without them. If you are still intent on wall decor, then make sure it is kitchen-friendly. Go for hard tin signs and not items that will fade and get dirty easily.


When doing a home remodel on your kitchen, the light should always be first and foremost in your mind. Good lighting can transform a kitchen space. If well lit, even the drabbest of kitchens can come to life. 

Try to utilise your natural light sources. When designing a kitchen, make sure you are not blocking windows and doors at certain angles. You may consider a mirror to spread the natural light even further. On a more practical level, you need lighting to see what you are doing when cooking. Ensure you have ample light that does not cast shadows over high-action areas, such as the cooker, sink, and worktops. Many people use spotlights for this purpose. For larger pieces of statement lighting, try to keep it low-key. You need to try and avoid big pieces that add glare to counters and worktops.


By using glass, you give the appearance that doors do not exist. This opens up a whole world of space, even in the smallest kitchens. A glass door in a small galley-style kitchen can make it blend with the next room or corridor, increasing the visible space exponentially. You may also consider glass fronts for the cupboard doors. If you don't mind your items being on display, then this can also add to the illusion of space. The only downside is that you may need to dust your lesser-used items frequently. 


Whatever type of kitchen decor you choose, from country to modern, natural touches always work well. You can start by using a simple fruit bowl. Make sure you display seasonal fruits, to tie the kitchen in with the time of year. For example, when Summer comes display lemons, limes, and bananas. When Autumn comes around, switch to apples and pears. You can also use plants to decorate the kitchen and add a touch of life. The one you choose inevitably come down to how much care and attention you are willing to take. If you forget to water plants, go for hardy perennials and cacti.


As a general rule, only items that you use every day should be on the counter. Any other appliance can be tucked away into cupboards. By doing this, you can maximize the potential countertop space in your kitchen.

You should also give careful consideration to your choice of countertop materials. The material needs to be easily cleaned but also needs to be highly durable. You don't want something that scratches easily or is porous. If you decide to go for tiles, you need something that does not have thin grout lines. These can easily trap in dirt and become hard to clean.


Kitchen decorating does not have to be hard or expensive. With just a few new items or fittings, it can feel like your old space is brand new.

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