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Light Bulbs

In the daylight, ceiling lights, floor and table lamps add to the decor and theme of your room but when light is really needed, what is a beautiful light without the correct bulb to really show off the splendour of the design and how it can be used for best effect to enhance your room features and furniture.
In some rooms, you need bright lights whilst in others you may choose subtle lighting to give a particular mood. This is true for ceiling lights, table lamps and picture lights. All have a purpose.

The bulbs you choose will have a direct impact on the way your lights show themselves off and where you might choose to position them.
Interior lighting design writers place a high value on lighting and the effects well placed and well lit lights can have towards the ambiance of your room.
Nowadays, there is a tremendous choice of bulbs available to you: from Halogen, Eco Halogen, LED, Spotlights, Golfball and Tungsten tube bulbs.
Running Costs – Save around £5 per year per bulb
A standard halogen bulb will cost an average of £6 per year to run - that's £90 a year for 15 bulbs!
The same LED equivalent from PAGAZZI costs 72 pence a year to run - that's only £10.80 for the same 15
Eco Halogen bulbs


New generation Eco Halogen bulbs give your room a really bright but smooth light at a much lower running cost – as do LED bulbs. We have a really large selection to choose from that cover GU10, Edison screw (ES) and push fitting (G9) bulb fittings. The bulbs may well initially cost more, but they will absolutely pay for themselves in terms of electricity savings and with the long life of the bulbs you also save on replacement bulb costs as Eco Halogen and LED bulbs last up to 25 YEARS.

Eco Halogen bulb or LED bulb units can be ideal as replacements for Bedroom, Bathroom and Hall lights. Often around the home there can be up to another 16 light bulbs burning power that could be significantly reduced leaving you with all the light you want and need but at a fraction of the cost.

LED bulbs

LED bulbs are another lower cost alternative to standard incandescent bulbs.
In Kitchens and Kitchen dining areas, there can be up to 20 high power halogen bulbs running at a time. Internally, these are typically found in ceiling lights, downlighters, and cooker extractor lights. There are also more and more conservatories and sun rooms with outdoor halogen-burning lights around the roof soffits.

The shift to new generation LED and Eco Halogen lighting has come from not only the implications of higher running costs but also that of heat and the high carbon footprint that conventional bulbs have left in the past. We stock a huge range of bulbs to suit most lights so don’t be caught short. If you are not setting out to replace all your high energy bulbs with our Eco Halogen or LED bulbs, why not think about replacing slowly rather than 'all at once' or just buy spares while you are shopping here, remembering that you only pay a single delivery charge irrespective of how many products you buy.
Please browse the choices available to you remembering that only some of our lights come with a bulb as part of the purchase. You can choose the best bulb for your needs when ordering your lamps so that you are ready to switch on and enjoy when they are delivered to your home by PAGAZZI.