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Black Ceiling Lights

Modern, sleek and minimalistic, black ceiling lights are at the height of home trends right now and our range has something to suit every space.

From industrial style black ceiling lighting to more modern designs with elements of glass and metal, our collection of black light fittings offers an aesthetic to complete any and every room.

Are black light fixtures trendy?


Although design always comes down to personal preference, black light fixtures are absolutely on-trend right now. Regularly featured in interior design magazines and across influencer and celebrity homes, classic black lighting such as our Benji Matte Black Ceiling Pendant are starting to appear in homes of all sizes, styles and ages.

How to choose black ceiling lights?

Thanks to our wide range of black light fittings, choosing one really comes down to what you’re wanting to achieve with your space.

Our collection of black LED ceiling lights covers a range of aesthetics, from low hanging-pendants to black flush ceiling lights which are much more minimalistic.

Larger rooms tend to lend themselves towards larger, grander light fittings, such as our Merton 3 Light Ceiling Light, which hangs low with large glass shades. Smaller rooms on the other hand may be better suited to a flush style. 

Are black ceiling lights suitable for all rooms?

In short, yes. If your home interiors are designed to feature black ceiling lighting, then we absolutely have a design suitable.

Living spaces such as kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms may be better suited to a pendant style light that makes a statement, where our range of black flush ceiling lights may be more practical for an office or bathroom with their more subdued look.

In fact, our blog post on how to achieve the ultimate modern bathroom makeover has some great design tips and tricks, including the use of stunning lighting such as our range of black ceiling lights, so for inspiration on how to integrate this style into your home, be sure to have a read.