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Home Office

With many of us now working at least some of our week from home, home office lighting is now more important than ever. A space that needs to be bright enough to work but also calming enough to allow concentration and productivity, the office lights you choose are essential to creating the right atmosphere.

How to choose lighting for home office?

Home office lights come in all shapes and sizes and the decision should really be based on your space. Home offices can often be small, cosy spaces such as converted spare bedrooms or outdoor buildings and therefore, your office lights need to not over power or they could be too much or too bright.


Our range of lighting for home offices includes ceiling lights and table lamps, so you can choose from one or the other or use a combination of both.

What is the best type of light for home office?

Home office ceiling lights are a great choice for when the entire room is an office that needs lighting. Our range of ceiling lights include bold choices, such as our Milano 8 Light Ceiling Light but also more minimalistic, classic office light styles such as Stoneleigh 4 Concrete and Wood Effect Spotlight Bar Ceiling Light. Both designs have their own wow-factor but their differing aesthetics can compliment different types of rooms and decor.

For home offices that take up a cosy corner of a multi-functional room, a desk lamp may be better suited for a smaller, less impactful light. Our blog on how to design an aesthetically pleasing living space has some top tips that can help integrate an office space into your living room.

How bright should an office be?

As well as choosing an office light fitting that suits your decor dreams, it’s essential that a workspace is lit properly for concentration too.

It is advised that office spaces should be lit to 300-500 lumens, however, this advice is generally based on corporate office space and therefore this may be too bright for a home office.

Your home office lighting should ideally provide a cool brightness in the morning with the option to become warmer as the day goes on. Therefore, a combination of lights can help provide both.