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A Guide to Garden Furniture by Pagazzi

A Guide to Garden Furniture by Pagazzi

Turn your garden into a place to relax.

Nothing is more enjoyable than relaxing in your garden while the flowers are in full bloom and the sun is shining down on you. Finding a place to stop and take it all in after planting, carving, trimming, and maintaining your garden is crucial. Many make the mistake of designing seating areas that are either too large, too tiny, or even made of the incorrect material when designing a garden space.

This garden furniture guide will help you work out the best outdoor solution to sit back and relax!

Where to Position Your Garden Furniture - The Balance of Sun and Shade

It is important that you consider both sun and shade. Whilst it sounds exotic to be baked in full sun all day, sitting in it can be bothering, uncomfortable and dangerous. Likewise sitting in the shade can be cold, off-putting and uncomfortable.
Once you know how you want to use your area - is it a social area to host friends and family or a space where you can escape for a while? Maybe it's both. Think about the space you have to work with to choose your outdoor furniture. Take note of the pattern of natural sunlight hitting your outdoor space. An area that receives plenty of evening sun would be ideal for a garden lounge set. Choose a set with large and comfy sofas where you can spend hours socialising with your guests in comfort.


Size Matters: How Big Should the Furniture Be?

Proportions are important when it comes to seating areas, and the same goes for furniture. Some garden furniture is now larger than indoor living room set. These are great if you have the space, but if you are a bit tight for space, bear in mind that squeezing lots of furniture into a small garden or patio can not only unbalance your space but also make it impossible to pull the chairs out of the table for your guests to seat comfortably.

It's a good idea to measure your space before buying any furniture and assess for what purpose is going to be used. If you have a small space, a small bistro set will look great, even in an apartment balcony or patio. Perfect for an outdoor breakfast or a glass of wine in the evening while you look out.

Petan Garden Furniture 

If you’re looking for the standout garden furniture material for 2023, not to mention in past years, then Petan certainly ticks off all the boxes.

People like it because it looks natural and fits in with a garden environment seamlessly. It also works well if you have a conservatory or dining area with bi-fold doors to bring the furniture out into the open on sunny days. The big benefit of Petan is that is environmentally friendly, durable and weather resistant which has a natural colour and feel. Petan has been developed to provide the highest levels of performance for use in outdoor furniture.

Social Plastic

The Social Plastic® material is the newest result of our continuous dedication to the health and care of our planet and environment. Made from recycled plastic waste, this material is collected by the local population along the rivers and coasts of South East Asia – who are trained and paid for this – preventing it from entering landfills and ocean. This helps the clean-up of our planet and compensate the people who care for the well-being of their home areas and also supports building sustainable communities.

Our Social Plastic® pieces are made with circularity in mind and can be disassembled and reintroduced to the production circle through re-recycling.

Invest in Outdoor Lighting

One of the biggest trends in recent years and something that will be perfect for your new garden furniture is to hang lights from the walls and nearby trees and bushes. It helps make any evening spent with friends and family simply magical. If you’ve invested in a high-quality set of loungers or a dining set, this can add a lot of atmosphere for a relatively small cost. Today’s solar-powered lights are also super-efficient and extremely low maintenance.

Do a few things well, and the rest of the garden will thank you for your consideration. By choosing a few pieces of furniture that fit, have adequate space around them and balance the overall size of the garden, you can create a wonderfully relaxing seating area.

Check our outdoor selection here for more furniture, or here for lighting options.


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