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4 Tips to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

4 Tips to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

Decorating any space can be intimidating, and since the bedroom is not usually seen by guests, we can sometimes neglect this room and leave it a little unloved. We've created a simple, 4-step guide to refresh your bedroom on a budget. No construction work, no dust and no hassle! Read on to find out how to start your bedroom transformation. 


1. Start with the centrepiece of the room - choose lighting first

The rest of the room revolves around the centre ceiling light. Traditionally, the bedroom is where many of us choose to wind down for the evening. Setting the right mood is essential. Make sure your bedroom has multiple lighting options such as a dimmable ceiling light and a set of bedside table lamps that casts a warm and subtle glow.

Onega 3-Light Chrome Smoked Glass Pendant Ceiling Light 

2. Test the paint colour with your new light fixture

An important question to ask yourself when renovating your bedroom is how that paint will look under your new lighting. Everything should complement each other. Once your walls are primed and ready to be painted, install all your new lighting and swatch your new paint colour. 

Most paint brands have free colour swatches to take home. However, environmental factors can affect the actual colour’s appearance. For example, North-facing rooms will be the darkest in your home. We recommend investing in a tester product. You don’t want to paint the whole bedroom just to realise you don’t like how the paint looks under your new lighting! The colour of your bulb will also dramatically change the colour of the room once installed.

3. Choose Your Accessories - Bring in the Light with a Mirror

Taking a mirror into consideration when decorating your room is a great idea, as it creates the illusion of a larger space and a brighter ambience. When selecting the mirror, make sure it compliments the other items in the room. Whether you have a minimalist or glamorous style, remember to choose a mirror that fits the look. Additionally, you should make sure you will have enough room to fit the mirror and the wall you plan to hang the mirror on can take the weight (you may want to ask an expert for advice on this before installing). If you're short on space, opt for a smaller round mirror that can be hung on the wall over your chest of drawers or heater. For a luxury dressing room vibe then opt for a leaner mirror that gives a full-length view.

4. Change Your Bedding

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom. A common mistake when refreshing a room is to have boring bedding. So often, it looks old and doesn’t match the new décor. A fresh duvet cover that compliments the wall colour and furniture or, one that will add contrast to it. If you opted for a neutral-coloured duvet, a throw to the foot of the bed can help introduce some colour and texture. Add layered cushions in unique patterns for a cosy feel.

We hope you found those tips useful. In the meantime, you can check our Instagram page for some inspiration.


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