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  • Retro Lightbulbs


    One thing is for sure, LED lightbulbs are the way forward. Energy saving, cost-efficient and long-lasting - halogen who?

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  • Pagazzi Instagram Influencers


    Our go-to for interiors inspiration is Instagram and we love scrolling through your #PagazziLighting posts. Here are few influencers that have been lighting up our feed.

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  • First Look: Lights Launching Soon



    Get ready to hit refresh on your room because the Pagazzi buyers have let us have a snoop at some of the lights launching soon.

    Grey is the shade and our buyers are not letting it move from centre stage, expect new pieces with a hint of glamour through new different textures & shapes. Expect fresh finishes like this grey washed table lamp (top tip: pair with a vintage style bulb)


    Forget any bad 70s interiors that might come to mind. Retro rattan bases create the right balance of kitsch 70s and scandi style – also they give you an year-round holiday feel.


    Embrace unique bases like this mini table lamp. Top tip: shake up your space and show off your book collection by stacking a few under the mini lamp.

    marblebase All coming to soon!


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